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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Selecting your Lake Bled wedding venue is one of the most important selections you should make early on as everything else will revolve around it. Lake Bled is full of incredible wedding venues and locations to choose from! Here’s a list of Lake Bled’s most popular wedding venues that should make your wedding planning a

Nestled in the heart of Europe on Italy’s eastern borders, Lake Bled is the type of magical wedding location you dream of. There are so many reasons to get married here. Long marked out as a must-see destination for European travelers, Lake Bled’s stunning waterside idyll delivers a magical quality you won’t find anywhere else.

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If you are thinking of having a bohemian style elopement in Slovenia, the stunning Botanical Garden Sezana is a wonderful choice. Located in Sezana at the Vila Mirasasso, the Botanical Garden Sezana is a spectacular botanical park filled with magnificent plants and flowers from all over the globe. First planted in 1848, the park is