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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding

Wedding couple during their photoshoot on a famous balcony at Grand Hotel Toplice in lake Bled.

Lake Bled Wedding Venue Comparison

Greetings, lovely couples! As your dedicated Lake Bled wedding planner, I understand that choosing the perfect venue is a crucial decision in crafting your dream celebration. Today, let’s delve into a detailed Lake Bled wedding venue comparison of three of the most sought-after venues along the picturesque shores of Lake Bled: Vila Bled, Bled Castle, Grand Hotel Toplice, and Bled Rose Hotel. My goal is to provide you with insights that will make your decision-making process smoother and tailored to your unique preferences.


Walk with me around Lake Bled and choose your perfect wedding venue.


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Lake Bled Wedding Venue Comparison

Vila Bled

where timeless elegance meets nature’s splendor


Vila Bled, with its rich history and timeless elegance, offers an intimate charm that captures hearts effortlessly. The lush gardens and captivating terrace make it an ideal choice for couples seeking a romantic and refined setting. With a capacity perfectly suited for more intimate gatherings, Vila Bled fosters an atmosphere where every moment feels truly personal.


Basic specific:

The season for wedding: all year

Accommodation: 31 rooms (lakeside view suite & park view suite)

Capacity: up to 80 guest

Ceremonies: symbolic and civil (they have a plan B option)

Receptions: outdoor and indoor

Menus price: starts at 95,00€ per guest

Drinks: by consumption

Boat access: the vila has a private pier

Parking spot: yes

Ambiance: timeless and refined

Scenic view: overlooks the serene lake Bled and Island Bled

Important: this villa you need to book for two days

Why choose Vila Bled: the only place if you want a private wedding


Grand Hotel Toplice

luxurious lakeside romance


Grand Hotel Toplice epitomizes lakeside luxury and sophistication. With stunning views of the Julian Alps and Lake Bled, this 5-star venue creates a backdrop of unparalleled beauty. The lakeside terrace, where nature and opulence converge, provides an exquisite setting for exchanging vows. Grand Hotel Toplice is a testament to refined elegance and a promise of a celebration bathed in luxury.


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Basic specific:

The season for wedding: from April to October

Accommodation: yes, there are 87 rooms

Ceremonies: indoor (Lake lounge with the most beautiful view, and elegant atmosphere of the Presidential Lounge and outdoor (Idyllic Julijana terrace right by the lake)

Capacity for the ceremony: indoor (Lake lounge – up to 120 guests), the Presidential Lounge – up to 70 guests, and outdoor (Idyllic Julijana terrace – up to 100 guests)

Receptions: Intimate atmosphere at Restaurant Julijana or terrace – up to 34 guests or Luxurious Grand Banquet Hall with a private covered terrace – up to 200 guests

Menus price: the served menu starts at 89,00€ per person and the buffet menu starts at 79,00€

Drinks: different drink packages (starting at 74,00€ for 8 hours) or by consumption

Boat access: close by is a main boat pier

Parking spot: yes

Ambiance: sophisticated and traditional

Scenic view: stunning vistas of the Julian Alps and Lake Bled

Important: this hotel is under Sava Tourism which has a few hotels around Lake Bled

Why choose Grand Hotel Toplice: suited for larger weddings with a touch of luxury


Bled Castle

a fairytale setting on clifftop heights

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Stepping into Bled Castle is like entering a fairytale realm. Perched on a cliff with panoramic views of Lake Bled, this medieval masterpiece promises an enchanting backdrop for your wedding day. The castle’s versatility allows for both intimate courtyard ceremonies and grand celebrations on the terrace. If you’re dreaming of a wedding with a touch of fairytale magic, Bled Castle beckons.


Basic specific:

The season for wedding: all year

Accommodation: no rooms

Capacity for the ceremony: Kniht Hall up to 90 guests, Terrace up to 90 guests, and Castle Park – up to 90 guests

Ceremonies: symbolic and civil (a plan B option – the knight hall)

Receptions: in the restaurant: up to 60 guests (round tables) and up to 90 guests (two long tables), on the terrace: seated dinners for up to 150 guests or 300 guests for a standing event

Menus price: 6-course menu starts at 86,00€ per guest

Drinks: different drink packages (starting at 54,90€ for 8 hours) or by consumption

Boat access: no

Parking spot: yes

Ambiance: fairytale and enchanting

Scenic view: panoramic views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

Important: there is no elevator for guests to come to the restaurant, I suggest having comfortable shoes

Why choose Bled Castle: offers versatility for both small and grand celebrations


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Bled Rose Hotel

a stylish, contemporary lakeside hotel


At the elegant Rose Bled Hotel, your stay is more than just accommodation – it’s a stylish experience. In 2019, the hotel underwent a complete transformation from the previous Hotel Jelovica, elevating it to a 4-star establishment that aspires to provide experiences worthy of an extra star. Their rooms and suites are a blend of modern elegance and charming retro touches, creating an atmosphere that reflects thoughtful design and luxurious comfort. Their professional staff is dedicated to ensuring your well-being in every corner of our hotel, making your stay truly memorable.


Two halfcircle yellow flower arches for lake bled wedding ceremony at Rose Bled hotel.

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Basic specific:

The season for wedding: all year

Accommodation: different room categories (48 standard mountain-side rooms, 18 standard lake-side rooms, 4 studios, 16 superior lake-side rooms, 2 suites)

Ceremonies: indoor (Rose hall – fee 1.200€, Lake Bled hall – fee 900€, Flower wall – fee 700€, Jungle – fee 900€) and outdoor (Rose garden – fee 2.500€, Terrace with flower pavilion – fee 2.000€)

Capacity for the ceremony: indoor (Rose Hall – up to 360 guests, Lake Bled Hall – up to 160 guests, Flower wall – up to 50 guests, Jungle – up to 100 guests, Bar/restaurant), outdoor (Rose garden – up to 300 guests, Terrace with the floral pavilion – up to 150 guests)

Receptions:  indoor (Rose hall, Lake Bled hall, Flower wall, Jungle, Bar/restaurant), outdoor (Rose garden, terrace with the floral pavilion)

Menus price: from 70€

Drinks: packages or per consumption from the bar

Boat access: close by is a main boat pier

Parking spot: yes

Ambiance: modern, bright, light, colorful, spacious

Scenic view: Lake Bled, Bled Castle, St. Martin Church

Important: you can see a monkey in the hotel and take a photo with a giant teddybear in the lobby

Why choose Bled: 4*** out-of-the-box hotel with 5***** experiences, suited for large weddings



Lake Bled Wedding Venue Comparison

where will you say I DO and dinner

Choosing between Vila Bled, Bled Castle, and Grand Hotel Toplice ultimately depends on your vision for a perfect wedding day. Each venue offers a unique blend of history, ambiance, and scenic beauty. As your wedding planner, I’m here to guide you through this exciting decision-making process, ensuring that your choice aligns seamlessly with your dreams. Let’s embark on this journey together, creating a celebration that reflects the essence of your love story against the captivating backdrop of Lake Bled. If you like I can make a more detailed Lake Bled wedding venue comparison.


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Considerations Before Reservation

Selecting the perfect venue for your Lake Bled wedding involves thoughtful consideration, as this idyllic setting offers a myriad of romantic possibilities, each venue with its distinctive charm. From the enchanting Bled Castle to the lakeside elegance of Grand Hotel Toplice, the choices mirror the diversity of your unique love story.

Before making your reservation, it’s crucial to dive into the comprehensive breakdowns and options available on our website. This will enable you to find the venue that aligns seamlessly with both your vision and budget. When comparing wedding venues, it’s essential to delve into various cost factors to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your financial commitment. Here are key aspects to consider:

compare wedding venue costs

fee for the ceremony

fee for the dinner hall

minimum spend

prices for drinks & food

fee for additional costs (more chairs, decoration…)

extra costs


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As your Lake Bled wedding planner, I aim to provide you with a curated selection of venues that epitomize an eclectic mix of luxurious, unique, chic, and rustic styles tailored to your special day. Lake Bled, with its diverse offerings, presents a delightful of locations that range from 5-star lakeside hotels and historic villas to pensions.

What sets Lake Bled apart is the ease with which you can combine these contrasting locations, either on your wedding day or throughout a wedding weekend. This unique selling point allows for dynamic event flows, seamlessly transitioning from a ceremony spot to a lake cruise, a stunning reception, and a party setting – culminating in a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

My bespoke approach ensures that your personality and vision are echoed throughout the day. Whether you prefer the convenience of staying in one extraordinary venue or exploring the beauty of multiple locations, Lake Bled caters to your desires. Vila Bled and Bled Rose hotel boasts extensive gardens, and interesting interiors, providing the perfect canvas for designing a captivating flow right at a single venue.



I extend an invitation for you to come on a tour with us, allowing us the pleasure of introducing you to our portfolio and showcasing the wonders of Lake Bled. It’s our commitment to turn your wedding dreams into reality, creating an experience that will be etched in your hearts forever.






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