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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding

A Visual Bride

Hello there, fellow dreamers and soon-to-be-weds! I’m Petra, your experienced Lake Bled wedding planner, and today I want to dive into the world of visualizing your dream wedding. I recently had a conversation with a bride who emphatically declared herself a “visual bride,” and I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment. After all, your wedding day is a magical moment that deserves to be envisioned and cherished well before the big day arrives.

While planning, I received a message from a bride, let’s call her Jana, who shared her thoughts and concerns about the planning process. She exclaimed,

“Petra, I am a visual bride who needs to see and feel the venue and decoration before the day. And I would like to see flower arrangements and rentals before the wedding. I would like to have sketches and all visual designs. I would like this, please look this link.”

Intrigued, I delved into the provided link, and it got me thinking about the importance of visualization in the wedding planning journey.


As a Lake Bled wedding planner, I understand that every couple has a unique vision for their special day. Jana’s enthusiasm for experiencing the venue before the wedding resonates with many couples, and it’s a sentiment I wholeheartedly support. After all, Lake Bled is a picturesque destination, and your wedding venue should be nothing short of breathtaking.

happy couple walks into the church with decorated door during their destination wedding in Slovenia.

Ana Gregorič Photography

A Visual Bride: The Guide to Seamless Planning

For brides who thrive on visuals, the thought of planning without physically experiencing every detail can be challenging. The desire to see and touch each element, from the venue to the decor, is completely understandable. But worry not; I am about to embark on a journey that transforms these challenges into stepping stones toward your beautiful destination wedding. Fear not, dear visual bride, as your wedding planner, I’m here to turn your dreams into a vivid reality. Let’s navigate this journey together, step by step, and address the challenges faced by brides who crave a visual connection to their wedding plans.


Personalized Venue Visits

One of the key elements in making a wedding truly magical is choosing the perfect Lake Bled venue. I make it a priority to arrange personalized visits to potential venues, including Lake Bled’s most enchanting locations. This allows you, the visual bride, to walk through the spaces, feel the ambiance, and envision the magic that will unfold on your wedding day.

Wedding set up in pastel blue and pnk colors at lake Bled Castle restaurant.

Ana Gregorič Photography

Visual Storyboards and Mood Boards

Building on the concept of visualization, I collaborate with couples to create visual storyboards and mood boards. These tools help translate your ideas into a tangible vision, allowing you to see color palettes, decor styles, and overall themes come to life. It’s an essential step in ensuring that your dream wedding aligns with your unique aesthetic preferences. I know – Pinterest is our best wedding design friend.


Digital Venue Tours

Understanding that not everyone can travel to Lake Bled for frequent venue visits, I utilize technology to bridge the gap. With virtual tours and high-quality photographs, I bring the beauty of Lake Bled’s venues directly to you. This way, even if you’re miles away, you can still experience the magic of your chosen location.

Picture this: a virtual tour that whisks you away to your chosen venue. From the comfort of your own space, you can explore every nook and cranny, envisioning the magic that will unfold on your big day. Let’s make your screen a portal to your wedding dreams.

Two different wedding cakes for a wedding in lake Bled Castle.

Ana Gregorič Photography / Taja KP

Open Communication

Communication is key to our journey. Expect regular updates, progress reports, and an open channel for your thoughts and ideas. Your day, your vision—our collaboration will make every detail shine. Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful wedding planning. I encourage open and transparent discussions, ensuring that your thoughts, concerns, and visual preferences are understood and incorporated into every decision made.


Collaboration with Top-notch Vendors

Partnering with experienced and reputable vendors is crucial to bringing your visual dreams to life. From florists to photographers, I work closely with a network of talented professionals who share a commitment to making your wedding day as visually stunning as you’ve imagined. Your dream team of vendors isn’t just a group of professionals; they’re dream weavers. With a shared passion for turning visions into reality, they’re as committed to your destination dream as you are. Trust in their expertise, and together, we’ll curate a wedding that reflects your unique style.

Amazing vibrant flower arch at Brdo Estate in Slovenia.

Vlasta weddings

In conclusion, being a visual bride is not just a label—it’s a powerful approach to ensuring that your wedding day reflects your unique style and personality. As your Lake Bled wedding planner, my mission is to make this journey seamless, enjoyable, and, above all, visually spectacular. Your dreams are my inspiration, and together, we’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.

So, to all the visual brides out there, let’s embark on this exciting adventure together, and let the beauty of Lake Bled be the canvas for your extraordinary love story. Cheers to a wedding day that’s as breathtaking as the views that surround us!


Visual Bride Quiz:

Discover Your Wedding Vision!

Are you a bride who thrives on visual inspiration, dreaming of a wedding day that’s not just perfect but visually stunning? Take this fun quiz to discover just how much of a visual bride you truly are!

1. When planning your wedding, what’s your go-to source for inspiration?

a) Words and descriptions
b) Colors, images, and mood boards

2. What’s your preferred method for making decisions about your wedding decor?

a) Detailed discussions and descriptions
b) Pinterest boards and visual examples

3. Imagine your dream wedding venue. What’s the first thing you envision?

a) The atmosphere and overall vibe
b) The visual details and aesthetics

4. How would you describe your ideal wedding dress?

a) Based on the feel and style
b) Inspired by material, detailed elements and designs

5. What’s more important to you when choosing flowers for your bouquet?

a) The meaning, symbolism, and “we need them”
b) The colors and overall look

6. How do you plan to communicate your wedding vision to your vendors?

a) Through detailed explanations
b) Using visual aids like photos and examples

7. What excites you most about the wedding planning process?

a) Creating a meaningful experience
b) Designing a visually stunning celebration

8. Would you work with a planner and designer?

a) No, my wedding planner is enough
b) Yes, I need both

9. Wedding party style? Important or not.

a) It is not important to me. They can wear what they want.
b) Bridesmaids need to wear the same dresses and the groomsmen’s tie will be in our color

10. What kind of wedding photos do you want to see in your album?

a) I want to see photos of guests, food, and entertainment in the album
b) I want to see our portrait photos, details, and atmosphere in the album


Amazing bridal boquet with unique flowers and colors.

Ana Gregorič Photography



While you appreciate visual elements, you may lean more towards a holistic approach, emphasizing the overall experience and sentiment of your wedding day.


Congratulations! You are a true visual bride, valuing the aesthetic details and visual components that will make your wedding uniquely stunning.


Remember, whether you’re a visual bride or a combination of both, I am here to bring your vision to life. Let the beauty of Lake Bled be the canvas for your extraordinary love story!

With love and excitement.






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