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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding Google 5 stars rating

I love creating memories that will last a lifetime, and you will enjoy talking about them.

I love meeting amazing people, I become friends with along the planning.

I’m incredibly proud of every wedding, elopement, and anniversary that I have the honor of working on.

My happy couples write some sweet, very kind, touching words after being overjoyed with their wedding.

Bride an groom are holding glasses of Champage at their wedding reception at Vila Bled.

Petra’s calm manner & optimism makes the perfect planner, but more than that: she’s your best friend.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

The perfect wedding planner, come wedding guest and friend. Petra is someone you can truly count one and who makes all of your wedding desires become a reality, like a fairy godmother! We had the pleasure of finding Petra online and speaking over the phone initially. This became zoom calls as frequently as we needed. She was on hand from the beginning (our first ideas) and all the way through; guiding us how to take steps to make our wedding abroad a perfect reality. We never felt like anything was too much for Petra (if she can make your dream wedding come true, she will).

The week of our wedding was as stressful as it can be for any one marrying abroad – there was panic and confusion, coupled with the language barrier. But we had Petra and it made everything breezy. The hurdles we faced were put right by her. For instance, we had a pre-wedding event planned which was cancelled last minute but she helped source a solution which was even better! Petra’s calm manner and optimism makes the perfect wedding planner, but more than that: she’s your best friend. Couples can rely on her to be there: to fix your veil, or call a cab, provide an umbrella or translate a problem. The day would not have been possible without her, nor would it have been half as special as we truly loved heaving her with us on the day; smiling and celebrating by our sides.

We love you Petra! Thank you for everything we will cherish our wedding day forever as the best day of our lives and you helped make it all real!  (photographer: Ana Gregorič Photography)


You are one of the best people I’ve ever met.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

I can’t believe our wedding has come and gone. Planning and day dreaming about our Lake Bled wedding for the past year somehow did not prepare me for how incredibly perfect it would be. Everything and everyone went above and beyond our expectations.
Finally – Petra, this wedding simply would not have happened without you. You are one of the best people I’ve ever met. I actually would not change one single thing if we were do to this all over and I would go through the whole process with you leading the way again today. It was the best moment of my life so far, mostly thanks to you. Hvala!!! (photographer: Tamara Vidmar Photography)


Bride in a stunning champagne lace wedding dress from Galia Lahav with her husband in a blue tux and their Lake Bled wedding planner Petra Starbek at Villa Bled terrace.
Back view of groom and bride in long lace white dress with stunning veil go to the church door after the church ceremony in Lake Bled Island Church.

On our wedding day she blended in but stood out just the right amount when needed.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

It is almost one year anniversary, since my husband and I married. Looking back it feels like it was an absolute dream really!! A day that could not have been more perfect. We had a smaller wedding (80 people) but we wanted it perfect and for us stress-free. Up until today our friends and family talk about our wedding day, how amazing it was – simply flowing with amazing energy and in great harmony. One particular person gets credit for that, and that is our wedding planner, Mrs. Petra Starbek.
If you are getting married and are considering weather to get a planner or not to help, trust me, planner like Mrs. Petra is definitely an indefinite YES!! She is seriously worth your budget! Having her around for the process of planning and event itself was the best decision we took! We were so stress-free and could really enjoy the whole process and especially the day itself. You must be thinking that you can also do it yourself (trust me we also thought so) but all together there are so many things that at some point you will loose your mind doing it yourself. She has a great circle of contacts and will absolutely help you save budget on many aspects.
Most importantly what makes Mrs. Petra the absolute best is her personality. She is so professional at what she does and that is very hard to find. On our wedding day she blended in but stood out just the right amount when needed. She made sure everything was going smoothly and by the plan and no one had a feeling of stress and really NOTHING went wrong. Also to mention, even the guest (and we had a worldwide guest pallet) were amazed by her input.
My husband and I often talk about if we were anyone else deciding for a planner or not, with Mrs. Petra, decision is so simple. You definitely need her. We would have rather compromise on anything else than be without Mrs. Petra on our wedding day.
We are happy also for Mrs. Petra to share our contact with you if you would like us to share more of our experience with her.
With best wishes, (photographer: Aljoša Videtič Photography)

JB 2021

Petra is an energetic, friendly, charismatic and over the top wedding planner.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

If you are looking for an energetic, friendly, charismatic and over the top wedding planner, Petra is the one! We had our wedding this summer in July and she helped us above and beyond wjth everything. Petra became our right hand and assisted with everything especially when it came to juggling different cultures (latin american/slovenian). The day of the wedding Petra was on top of everything and her energy was transmitted to our guests. We had an amazing time and can’t even imagine a better wedding planning experience than with Petra! (photographer: Tamara Vidmar Photography)


A beautiful bride in a white lace wedding dress with a royal veil and a groom in a blue suit with sunglasses are and groom with a sunglasses are going to the wedding dinner with an old red car.
Young wedding couple from England enjoying romantic moments in front of wooden arch decorated with white and green flowers during their photo session at mountain Vogel.

She remembered everything & added so many finishing touches that we just didn't expect.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

What can we say, it was just perfect. Petra was more than just a wedding planner, she was a coordinator, which on the day you really don’t appreciate how much you need someone to do that. She remembered everything and added so many finishing touches that we just didn’t expect. Honestly, if you want to get married in Slovenia, use Petra, it really is as simple as that, shes just fantastic. (photographer: Neža Reisner Photography)


Petra was always ready to help and never pushy, and always with a good attitude.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

When you’re getting married, you’re dealing with the event you’ve (hopefully 😊) never dealt with before and, therefore, can’t imagine all the details that go into it. Even if you have a very hospitable and helpful location, they are usually not the ones who will help you find the band or make sure your veil looks good in the pictures. With this in mind, it’s clear – having a wedding planner makes sense.

We wanted Petra to be our planner since our wedding was in a rather new location and she has soo many experiences in very different settings, so we were calm she will know how to tackle a new one. In addition to all of that, Petra adapted to our personalities, was always ready to help and never pushy, and always with a good attitude. And boy, we needed that; we were so (un)lucky with the weather and the wind, that we totally turned the wedding around to a Plan C and moved it to the next day. This change happened 3 days before the wedding and was only possible with Petra’s help, all the contacts and good relationships she has with the people in this field. In the end, the event was even better than what we imagined. 💛 Looking back, what we cherish the most is that Petra truly gives herself in what she’s doing and she’s doing it with a big heart. You can immediately spot this in her smile, and it shows with all the attention to the details and the energy that also the guests are sensing.😊(photographer: Ana Gregorič Photography)


Happy groom in beige wedding suit and a bride in amazing white lace sparkle dress holding hands walking under flower petals after their wedding in Slovenia.
Wedding planner Petra Starbe and happy couple under an arch with red, white, soft pink flowers for boho wedding in Slovenian Tuscany.

Petra was always there when we needed her!!!

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

When my husband and I decided to have a destination wedding in Slovenia, we picked Petra as our wedding planner due to her impressive credentials and radiating personality that she displayed in our introductory meeting. We had both been to Slovenia before, but we knew nothing about the wedding industry there, how things are planned, or what vendors to book. Petra’s recommendations for vendors and the venue proved to be exactly what we were looking for. It was one of the best days of my life, and Petra played a huge part in making it happen. While there was anxiety involved leading up to the event, on the day of the wedding everything came together perfectly. Petra was there with us to coordinate and she was always there when we needed her.

Every time I thought I needed her for something on our wedding day, she would somehow magically appear right there where you are needed to fix something, get the schedule back on track with dinner, take care of the presents, take care of the vendors. I mean, what is there to say other than – multitasking is definitely one of hers talents :))

The day could not have been more perfect, and Petra played a huge part in making it happen. All of our friends and family had an amazing time, the two of us had an amazing time, and we wanted to wholeheartedly thank Petra for being there with us and for us. It was a perfect day. Thank you – Petra! (photographer: Ana Gregorič Photography)


A great, professional and friendly wedding planner!

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

If you’re looking for a great, professional and friendly wedding planner we would 100% recommend Petra Starbek.

Petra did and amazing job, we couldn’t have done it without her. We are so grateful to her! We had an amazing wedding, the location, atmosphere, and all the venues were just perfect. We liked how Petra takes her time to listen to our wishes and then comes with additional ideas or things we forgot in the first place. Petra has a very nice way of open communication, she gives great recommendations and advice but let’s the final decision to the wedding couple. We had to plan our Slovenian wedding from the United States, which isn’t easy, but thanks to Petra we where able to get all the perfect venues; photographer, florist, locations and even the cake was exactly the way we had in mind. We wish Petra good luck with future weddings, we hope she can do for many other couples what you did for us.(photographer: Poročna fotografija Gregor Gomboc)


Bride, Groom and Lake Bled wedding planner Petra Starbek standing under the flower arch on the top roof at Hotel Art Tartini Piran.
Bride in lace long dress with purple bridal bouquet and groom hug during civil ceremony in Vila Bled in Slovenia.

Everything went off without a hitch!

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

Petra, my Slovene wedding planner, you are a doll! You made planning overseas so much easier than it could have been. For nearly two years we have been planning and becoming friends – I enjoyed planning this dream day with you!! 🥂 Thank you for ensuring everything went off without a hitch. ☺️👰🏻‍♀️(photographer: Harley Bonham Photography)


We had a perfect wedding thanks to Petra!

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

We had a perfect wedding thanks to Petra😊she is such an amazing person, ful of energy and love❤️ if you need help with the wedding, don’t hesitate to call her 😊(photographer: Boris Pretnar)


Happy wedding couple hugging on the Vila Bled bridge and looking the beauty of lake Bled.
Wedding couple with their wedding planner Petra Starbek taking photo at hotel Kempinski Palace Portorož in front of soft blue and white flower arch full of hydrangea, peonies, delphinium.

She did it all in a calm & collected manner.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

Let me begin with saying that our Wedding was everything we hoped it to be and more!
We began our relationship with Petra almost 3 years ago and she stayed with us and arranged for 4 wedding date changes due to the complexity of international travel during Covid… She did it all in a calm & collected manner but her most signature trait is her constant warm smile!! She helped with the entire planing process, managed all the vendors, finding and arranging options for party favors, managed the communication with the hotel, contracts, paperwork, payments, keeping us sane and more! We really did not realized what size of a “production” the wedding day itself is so I 100% recommend having a wedding planner on the day of the wedding! Petra will help make your day stress free so you can focus on yourself, your partner, and guests. We had no complications all day, at least none we knew of! 😉 Petra is a pleasure to work with and we would 10/10 recommend her for your next big event! ❤️ (photographer: Ana Gregorič Photography)


She went above & beyond with planning and she delivered!

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

Petra is such an amazing wedding planner! She went above and beyond with planning my wedding and she delivered! I love her personality in handling everything and how she always keeps a positive spirit despite any wedding hurdles. She’s also very detailed oriented. Thank you so much, Petra for making the whole event perfect! 🧡 (photographer: Aluna Weddings)


Bride with an amazing boho wedding bouquet and stunning groom from Bali are hugging their Lake Bled wedding planner Petra Starbek.
The happy couple in love is hugging and kissing during their wedding in Slovenia.

Petra is an excellent planner.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

Petra is an excellent planner with a good knowledge of the Slovenian wedding market and plenty of experience organizing events for couples who don’t live in Slovenia. Petra also has great contacts. She coordinated flawlessly the logistics of the wedding day. Petra helped us make our wedding day magical and just the way we wanted it to be. We and our guests had a blast! The wedding definitely exceeded our expectations in every way. (photographer: Ana Gregorič Photography)


Petra Starbek is just an amazing Person and Wedding planner!

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

She arranged our Slovenian-german Wedding in Posestvo Pule and just did a great job. We always had fun together and my wife and I were always up to let Petra bring her Ideas and her Creativity into the whole Process. She never did disappoint us at any point and was just a great person to be surrounded with. Now that we said we will marry every ten Years again, we already know the Address to stick with for the next time. Thank you for everything Petra and feel hugged. (photographer: Ana Gregorič Photography)


Bride and groom are cutting the wedding cake from Emazing creations at Lake Bled Castle
The Indian bride is in a long lace wedding dress with a pink bridal bouquet and the Indian groom are sitting on the rock fence during a wedding in SLovenia.

Thank God we found Petra! She is an outstanding wedding planner in Slovenia.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

We are an Indian couple living in Vienna and decided to have our destination wedding in Piran and the reception in Portoroz. Thank God we found Petra 😉 As everyone knows Indian weddings can be very challenging by nature and with approx. 125 guests coming from all over the world, we needed to hire a highly professional and experienced wedding planner and coordinator. We skyped a lot upfront and Petras team made sure that we could fully enjoy the most important day of our lives, while she was taking care of every little detail in the background. We loved the venue, the boats, the decoration, the food and so on and so forth, but most importantly Petras dedication and lovely character 🙂 So if you are looking for a really outstanding wedding planner in Slovenia, get in touch with Petra. (photographer: AT Shoots)


She does everything and gives her all for your perfect day.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials
How to start…. what to say… she is just amazing…. a rain of sunshine 💗💕🌞 Just as you first talk to her you know you found your person…. you found your wedding planner 😍❤️ She is always available….. it doesn’t matter if it is in the evening… early in the morning.. or on a Sunday… she is always there for you… it doesn’t matter if you have big questions or little (stupid) ones… She will always have the right answer… if she doesn’t.. she will get it for you. She will do everything that is possible to do your big day a Fairytale for you and your family…. she will make it possible 😍💓💝 She takes the stress away from wedding planning… so you can enjoy the process… she talks to the vendors… brings you options.. and if you are stuck at a decision… she will help you solve the problem… 👍😬🙂 It is also a perfect match to plan a wedding from distance… so we live in Switzerland.. but the wedding was in Slovenia.. but it never once was a problem for Petra… she did everything with a big smile on her face… and nothing… I mean nothing was too big of a deal for here… She does everything and gives her all for your perfect day ❤️😍 without her our day wouldn’t have been so perfect….and most importantly without STRESS…. we just enjoyed our perfect day and we could relax… and we didn’t have to think about anything… Petra did an awesome job.. everything was planned to perfection 💎👍💝💓 Everything went on smoothly… and we could enjoy.. have fun… have drinks… we were good to take care of… 💝💓 Thank you Petra… you are amazing… and we would choose you over.. and over again.. maybe on our 10th anniversary 💕💗💋❤️  (photographer: Ana Gregorič Photography)


Happy smiling newlyweds with wedding planner Petra Starbek posing in park at Dominican convent after their romantic wedding ceremony.
Smiling bride and groom holding their hands are walking in the Smartno village in Slovenia during their wedding photo session.

She knows what she talks about & gives you the feeling that everything will be ok.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials
When you’re organizing a wedding abroad, a wedding planner is very important. When we were looking for a wedding planner, it was very important for us to have a good click with someone, but also to have a good feeling and trust. With Petra and her enthusiasm, everything was there 🙂 We started with no idea where we want to get married in Slovenia, and Petra helped us to find our dream location! She knows what she talks about and with all the doubts that a wedding brings (food, plan during a day, cake, etc), she gives good advice and gives you the feeling that everything will be ok. We were ready for the big day, and on the day itself, she was great! I don’t know how people do it without a wedding planner, besides the fact that everything was arranged perfectly, it was super nice that petra connects well with all the other vendors. So there is a really good vibe. Thank you again for the amazing day!  (photographer: Saša Adamovič Photography)


Everything has been so far above our dreams.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

I will keep with me every memory of that emotion. I hope that every other couple that talks to you, is able to feel the emotions that come from your work and are able to understand how special is what you do because sometimes the deeper things come from those who can still handle them with the proper respect, as you do. Thank you. (photographer: Aperturia)


The couple is holding and looking at each other in the gardens of vila Bled.
Wedding couple with the top rated Lake Bled wedding planner Petra Starbek

We are so grateful to you Petra!

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

We had a two-day multi-cultural wedding in Slovenia and Petra is the reason that this was possible. Since we don’t live in Slovenia we literally could not have done it without her. Her knowledge of wedding logistics and trusted vendors is amazing. She often suggested additions which in the end were crucial to the easy-going flow of events but at the same time, she also respected the wedding budget and never pushed into something fancier than we wanted. On our wedding day we basically just had fun and did not have to think about anything else. We are so grateful to you Petra. Thank you! (photographer: Nika and Grega  Photography)


WOW! I cannot say enough nice things about Petra and her team.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

I cannot say enough nice things about Petra and her team. I had met with and done research on several planners because I was picky. You want the day to go flawlessly and don’t want to have to think about forgetting the little details. The moment I met Petra I was impressed by her organization and class, not to mention she has such a fun and loving personality that I knew I would enjoy working with her. Petra and her team delivered the PERFECT PROPOSAL day! They went above and beyond our expectations which we are forever grateful for. (photographer: Alex B.)


Man and woman hug tenderly and kissing after their engagement.
The Groom and the Bride with an amazing pastel wedding bouquet are looking at each other and holding a wedding swing.

You are absolutely wonderful and in our hearts.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

I still remember the serenity of that day, there was a time when I thought, “It’s all perfect” If we can give advice to those who are reading these lines: trust Petra, her good taste, her instincts, and her experience! Thank you for all the loving and professional work you did for us!!! You are absolutely wonderful. (photographer: Aperturia)


Petra is an absolutely amazing wedding planner!

She made our day incredibly special! She pays attention to every little detail and goes above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. Since this was our first time in Slovenia, it was great to have someone to guide us and organize everything from beautiful flowers to an excellent photographer. She was able to see our vision for the wedding and completely exceed expectations! Petra is lovely to work with and I would highly recommend her for any wedding! (photographer: Jana and Simon Oblikovanje)


Amazing and relaxed Bride and groom stand at Vila Bled stairs. Groom is kissing the bride on the cheeks.
Happy couple walking together and wedding guests throw white roses on them.

Petra is a popular planner.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

We decided to involve Petra Starbek, because of her popularity. Well, I can confirm that she deserves her success, and even more. She comes into our crazy lives creating a masterpiece. Petra, together with her fantastic staff, realized exactly what I was imagining without being really able to describe. (photographer: Aleks in Irena Kus Wedding Photography)


We would highly recommend Petra Starbek.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

We got married on the 9th of August 2019 and would highly recommend Petra Starbeck. We started planning our wedding all the way back in December 2017 with Petra after deciding that we needed a wedding planner as we’re from the UK. I probably wasn’t the easiest of brides as I was very ambitious with what I pictured our wedding day to be and very often changed my mind. Petra was extremely accommodating, always listening to all my ideas and wishes. She has great style so was always able to give her advice when needed. It’s hard to plan a wedding when you live in a different country but having Petra do it for me took away a lot of stress. She listened to everything we envisioned and ensured that our wedding day was even more perfect than we pictured. She also knows all the best photographers, videographers, florists etc and can give you a wide range to choose from. Apart from all the planning before our wedding day, Petra was with us all day on the big day. She ensured everything ran smoothly so that we could completely enjoy our day stress free. She knew the timetable and where everyone was meant to be. She was so involved in the wedding it felt like she was one of our guests which we are so grateful for. All our guests commented on how nice she was and how good she was on the day and we completely agree. She kept all the children entertained during dinner, not because she had to but purely because she nice approachable person. The children loved her. We think so highly of Petra that we feel our wedding would not have been as perfect without her. We’ve already said we want to renew our vows for our 10th anniversary and We would not hesitate to ask Petra to help plan this day. Whether you’re planning your wedding on a budget or wanting absolute luxury she can do it all. Thank you for all your hard work. You have made our wedding day unforgettable, for us and all our guests!
All our love, Bernadette and Elliot (photographer: Ana Gregorič Photography)


Amazing Bride in an elegant long white wedding dress and Groom are hugging their Lake bled wedding planner Petra Starbek at Lake Bled Castle after their civil wedding ceremony.
The Bride in a white and red wedding dress and the Groom with their Lake Bled wedding planner at lake Jasna, Slovenia are drinking champagne.

Petra was AMAZING.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

She helped us accomplish so much for our wedding in a very short period of time. We absolutely cannot thank her enough. Petra made an instant difference in our level of preparation and found us, fantastic vendors, virtually overnight. We loved all her recommendations, her impeccable taste, and especially her expertise with the vendors. We highly recommend Petra as a wedding planner, and only wish we had found her sooner. (photographer: Alen Karupovic Photography)


Petra is a great wedding planner.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

My husband and I came to Bled from China to have our little mini wedding, so we haven’t actually met Petra until the wedding day, but Petra has always been cooperative with our requests. Everything went so well that day and it went beyond our expectation… good photographer and videographer, lovely flowers, delicious dishes…we’d like to thank Petra for organizing such a lovely wedding for us. And if you’re looking for a wedding planner in Slovenia, please don’t hesitate to contact Petra. (photographer: Aleks in Irena Kus Wedding Photography)


A Bride and groom from Peking stands at Lake Bled Castle and looks at the Lake Bled and Lake Bled island.
A man and woman hugging in front of a tree decorated with fairy lights after their proposal at Lake Bled.

Petra is amazing to work with.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

Very professional and friendly. We would 100% recommend her to anyone who is thinking of proposing around Lake Bled. We feel like we had a fairytale proposal under a tree decorated with fairy lights. She did a great job of understanding who I am and what I wanted. From the very first phone call, I realized how many connections Petra has in the Lake Bled (Slovenia) market and her great relationships with vendors made the whole planning process go very smoothly. Petra and her team are the DREAM team. Thank you for creating memories that will for sure last a lifetime. (photographer: Alex B.)


Petra is the ABSOLUTE best!

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

She took my vision and turned it into reality. Every single detail was perfect! The floral arrangements were beyond unbelievable! I would tell any guy that their service is a proposal must! She worked with my budget to create a fairytale proposal that blew my girl’s minds. Her presence and coordination allowed us to enjoy every single moment of our day completely hassle-free. I would highly recommend not only hiring a planner but that it be Petra and her team. She is professional, accountable, and wonderfully friendly – she is top-notch. We absolutely adore you. (photographer: Tes)


Men is kissing a women who is showing her hand with an engagement ring and a sign - I said yes.
A Bride in a white wedding dress with a white veil and a tiara and the groom are looking at each other at Grand hotel Toplice in Lake Bled.

Petra made our wedding even better than we imagined.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

Let us start off by saying we can’t put into word how helpful Petra was in the planning and coordination of our elopement al Lake Bled. The amount of work and effort she put into making our day go by as smoothly as it did was simply amazing. Petra helped us in every aspect of our wedding planning including minute-by-minute itinerary, logistics, coordinating with a vendor, attending meetings, and much much more… Thank you Petra for all your hard work and making our day, the best day in our lives!” (photographer: Janez Kotar Photography)


Petra was an absolute delight.

Lake Bled Wedding Couple Testimonials

Petra was an absolute delight. We are so happy that she was a part of our special day. Her organization, passion, and dedication helped our wedding run as smoothly as possible. Her team was a reflection of her work ethic and commitment. All in all, just very good people and a pleasure to work with. Petra and the team are amazing, every step we took was supported with so much care and love. I felt like a real elven princess! Thanks, Petra. (photographer: Peter Irman Photography)


The happy couple is taking family photos at vila Bled with their wedding planner Petra Starbek.

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