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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding

Questions to ask a wedding planner you might hire for your Lake Bled wedding.

Questions to ask a wedding planner are very important for the good choice of your wedding vendors. Destination weddings have become increasingly popular with couples all over the world. Especially couples who want to combine travel with their special day. Getting married abroad is an exciting way to have a memorable celebration with an intimate group of close family and friends. Having a wedding ceremony far from home can be a wonderful experience for all those involved. However, with all the aspects that go into planning a wedding, the logistics of planning a wedding in another country and adding a distant destination to the mix can seem daunting. To keep the appeal of the romantic destination wedding, you need a professional wedding planner.

There are plenty of reasons to opt for an expert planner based in Slovenia. However, the biggest reason is your peace of mind and some much-needed budget know-how to your planning process, making those months so much easier. Planning a wedding can be stressful, regardless of how effective your support team is. There is a lot less guesswork involved when working with someone who is physically at the locale. The experienced planner will already have a vetted list of vendors for you to choose from. This means less research for you and more time spent on actually making progress with the organization. Besides, this you can rest assured your planner speaks the local language as this can sometimes be the biggest challenge.

So, feel free to take your time and be a little curious when it comes to choosing the right one. Most importantly, hire a planner you trust and feel you can easily communicate with. You will have a close working relationship with them for months and you want to make sure that you can work well together.


Let’s delve deeper into questions you have to ask your destination wedding planner:

1. How much time will it take to plan my wedding?

2. Do you have packages or you have bespoke wedding planning? Instead of “What Do You Charge?” ask… “What packages would be best for me to consider?”

3. What is NOT included in your packages?

4. Have you planned weddings at my venue before?

5. Can I see photos from weddings you’ve done at my location? If not, do you have photos from weddings that look similar to what we’re going for?

6. What’s the typical budget of couples you’ve helped plan weddings for? Do you charge a flat fee or do you take a percent of our budget? And are rates affected by our guest list size or destination?

7. Will my contacts be with the planner, or with the individual vendors?

8. Will you personally be onsite at all of my wedding events?

9. Which other wedding vendors do you like to work with?

10. What will your references tell me about the weddings you planned for them?

11. How does the contract and deposit process work?

12. Can I hire you to help me with my honeymoon arrangements?


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I love these questions from our couples.

Will planning our wedding be fun and relax?

I love this question. Wedding planning should be fun, relax and I am going to help you take it one step at a time. I have a passion behind everything I do, and that’s what drives me. This question means that you want to be involved in the planning process as much as you can. Because of that, it will be more enjoyable to work with you.


Are you a reputable and trustful wedding planner?

Yes, I am. 🙂

Here you can read what is written on my wedding academy bio page.

“Her wedding agency Storija weddings (for Lake Bled weddings) is now a Slovenian-renowned full-service event planning agency that continues to push the boundaries of excellence to this day. As Storija weddings owner, founder, and creative director, she has been recognized for her unmatched ability to design and produce flawless celebrations for Slovenian and foreign important individuals.

Petra’s discretion and confidentiality underscore her devotion to realizing clients’ wishes and dreams. It is the greatest privilege that Petra has become a trusted partner for her vendors and clients, lending support for their other milestone celebrations in the years after their wedding — birthday celebrations, anniversary parties, and baby showers.”


We can meet here and you will know me better.

I offer one free initial consultation in person, via phone, or via Skype, so you can get a sense of my personality, in addition to seeing examples available online.
Skype: petra.starbek

Instagram: storijaweddings

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Did you hire a planner for your wedding?

I would love if every client asked about my wedding planning process and if we hired a planner (which we did). I am a real person, too, and have been through what my clients are experiencing both professionally and personally. Even though I am a wedding planner myself, I still turned to another pro to help make sure my wedding day went off without a hitch.


Tip from me:

Remember, your wedding planner should be asking you a lot of questions during the first meeting (I have four pages, long questioner). It’s important that they understand the aesthetic and environment you want to create for your wedding or that they can help you pinpoint these things if you haven’t already.





I’m here for you.

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