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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding Venues

Top Lake Bled Wedding Venues

Lake Bled locations for your wedding day

A dream wedding with breathtaking views across the lake.

If you are in search of a perfect lake wedding wedding venue, which combines beautiful nature, romantic sceneries, rich history, photogenic spots, and everything a wedding venue must include, Lake Bled is the place to say “yes” to the love of your life.

No wonder, it beckons betrothed couples to promise each other everlasting love here. Over the last decade, Lake Bled Weddings has become one of the most wanted places in Europe amongst locals as well as many others from around the world.

Magic, romance, good luck, and one of a kind scenery are words that best describe Lake Bled Weddings. You can tie the knot while overlooking the blue waters of Lake Bled or in the company of the lord of the castle and his entourage. Are you looking for more adventure? Test your love in a traditional custom, as locals do it – for good luck in the marriage, the groom must carry his bride up all ninety-nine steps leading to the top of the island.

Or skip to the part where you two, lovebirds, ring the wishing bell in the island church. It is believed this move will make your dreams come true. Don’t forget to take a traditional ‘pletna’ boat ride to the shore and later on a horse-drawn carriage ride from the lakeshore to the venue of your wedding reception. What a magical wedding day it will be!

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Bled City Hall

Lake Bled Wedding Venue in the City

Another lake Bled wedding venue is a Bled City Hall. Getting married at a city hall doesn’t always mean exchanging vows in a cramped, utilitarian room. The Bled City Hall offers offers an elegant setting for an indoor civil wedding with an unique view on gardens and the lake Bled.

If the idea of a large, traditional wedding feels daunting, or if you’re looking for a way to celebrate your love more personally, consider the city hall wedding. A city hall wedding is generally a smaller, less traditional ceremony option because there are limits to how many people you can invite, and you typically won’t be able to decorate or change the space you’re in. It’s a great option if your goal is to tie the knot in a civil ceremony that’s intimate, special, and fuss-free, and is also a good option for brides and grooms looking to elope or host a micro wedding.

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