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About Weddings in Lake Bled

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Lake Bled Wedding

Congratulations and thank you for choosing Storija Weddings to plan your upcoming destination wedding in Lake Bled.

Read our list of Frequently Asked Questions to find out more, or send me a message if you have any further questions. I am always delighted to hear from you.

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Petra Starbek is planning dream wedding at Lake Bled

About Wedding Planner Petra Starbek

And Weddings in Lake Bled

What wedding planning services do you offer?

I provide a full, bespoke wedding planning service to ensure that every aspect of your wedding in Lake Bled is taken care of.

From registering your wedding to finding the right venue, sourcing great suppliers, and styling the wedding venue, I will organize every element of your wedding for you and fully support you both through your wedding journey.


Do you accept commission or kickbacks from vendors?

No. I never accept commission or kickbacks from vendors and only refer trusted, qualified vendors with outstanding reputations who I know well and think will be the perfect fit for your needs, style, and budget.


What sizes of weddings have you coordinated in the past?

I have coordinated weddings of all sizes from tiny elopements with only the bride and groom in attendance to large, extravagant weddings with hundreds of guests.


How much communication will we have with you?

It is my policy to respond to all emails and phone messages on time. You can always expect a reply within 48 business hours for an efficient and responsive service.


How many weddings or events do you manage daily?

I only ever manage one wedding or event per day.


Will I meet you in person?

I am based in Slovenia and have planned hundreds and hundreds of destination weddings in Lake Bled for couples from the UK, US, China, Europe, and other locations around the globe. Due to the distance involved in destination weddings, I am an expert at planning destination weddings in Lake Bled via email. It is lovely to see each other face-to-face, so I am always happy to schedule video calls for face-to-face conversations.


Will you be present at my wedding on the day and can you manage both the wedding ceremony rehearsal & the wedding day?

Absolutely and yes. Of course, I wouldn’t miss it for the world! I will be working on location at your wedding from the very beginning of the day until the end.


How many assistants will you have with you on my wedding day?

I will be the only wedding planner present on your wedding day.


How will you dress for our event?

On your wedding day, I will be dressed smartly, and all of my staff will be wearing professional black attire.


Will you eat, drink, and relax during the reception?

Weddings can often turn into 10, 12, and even 14 hour days, so receiving a meal during your reception is always much appreciated. However, we are at work and in attendance to do a job, so we will never drink any alcohol or join your guests on the dance floor.


What will a Lake Bled wedding planner do for me?

As an experienced Lake Bled wedding planner, I have an in-depth knowledge of all the best Lake Bled locations, wedding venues, suppliers, and more.

From registering your destination wedding to managing your budget, liaising with your suppliers, styling the venue, and organizing the logistics, I can manage every aspect of your destination wedding in Lake Bled for you.

On the day I will ensure that everything runs smoothly and you and your partner are free to enjoy your special day with your family and friends.


What experience do you have as a destination wedding planner in Slovenia?

I am a highly experienced wedding planner. I specialize in Lake Bled weddings and have planned over 400 destination weddings in Lake Bled for couples from the UK, US, China, Europe, and other locations around the globe.

I also plan weddings and events in other locations around the world throughout the year.

I provide a completely personalized, bespoke wedding planning service that makes me more than a wedding planner as I also take on supportive roles as confidante, assistant, and creative director during the wedding journey.

Every wedding I plan is unique. Each wedding is different from the last with its concept and style. I will listen, create, and adapt during our time together, but most of all, my role is to understand and meet your needs, desires, and wishes.

While creating your once-in-a-lifetime event, I will share the experience and expertise that I have developed over the years as we work together in harmony to achieve all of your wedding dreams.


Why should we book our Lake Bled destination wedding with you?

Planning a destination wedding can be logistically challenging, especially if your wedding planner doesn’t know the local area.

Destination weddings require a significant amount of administrative hours, coordination, and experience. Since 2008, we have planned over 400 successful destination weddings in Lake Bled. Our mission is to make your destination wedding experience with us, simple, fun, and as worry-free as possible. We only accept a limited number of weddings per year to ensure quality time with our couples.

Call me today on +386 41 932 406 to discuss your wedding and find out how I can help you.


Do I need a wedding planner for a wedding at Lake Bled?

Other than your photographer, you should ensure that your wedding supplier, mainly your wedding planner, is local to your destination. Your wedding planner will be your eyes, ears, and hands for all of the details that you simply can’t handle from abroad. They should know your destination thoroughly and be readily available to handle any issues that require immediate attention and recommend reputable local suppliers. Hiring trusted local suppliers is particularly essential for a destination wedding because you have to rely on them to bring your vision to life.


How far in advance should we plan our Lake Bled wedding?

Wedding planning with us is effortless and straightforward, and it is not the long, complicated process of a big wedding. We suggest planning no more than 18 months before your departure date; this will give you enough time to choose your wedding venue and give your guests sufficient notice. Additionally, you will also be able to take advantage of travel incentives offered on early bookings.


How do I book a wedding with you?

Fill out the inquiry form or call me on +386 41 932 406.

Once you are ready to set a date for your wedding, you can hire a wedding planner. Booking deposits for many wedding planners can be paid online via bank transfer.


How can I cancel my event?

Life can be unpredictable, particularly when it comes to long-distance travel. For this reason, we ensure that it is possible to cancel or reschedule your event to a later date. For further information, please refer to our terms and conditions.


Do I need to speak Slovene?

Myself and my partners speak English, so you don’t need to learn un petit mot unless you want to.


What is a destination wedding?

A destination wedding is a wedding in a foreign country. A destination wedding can be as large or small as the couple desires. Some couples prefer to elope and celebrate by themselves while others choose to invite as many guests as they would if they were getting married in their home country. A destination wedding is perfect for those with guest lists of all sizes.


Can trustworthy vendors be found from a distance?

Yes. The best way to find trustworthy vendors is to hire me as your wedding planner. I can provide access to the best wedding suppliers in Slovenia and coordinate their involvement in your wedding.

Choosing me as your wedding planner will alleviate much of your planning stress. You can avoid spending hours searching for legitimate vendors and dealing with the complications that may arise when organizing foreign contracts. After sharing your vision and ideas with me, you are free to focus on other aspects close to home while I deal with everything else.s your requests to those far-off.


Do you plan weddings for any specific religions?

I plan weddings for couples of any faith.


Can we book our travel with you?

As a professional wedding planner, my main focus is you, your guests, and the creation of your wedding day. I am not a travel agent, and experience has shown that travel planning is best left to professional travel agents.  If you have a travel agent that you would like to work with, we will gladly coordinate with them. Alternatively, you can choose from our list of recommended travel agents.


Will you organize transportation & excursions for our wedding group?

We are fortunate to have a fantastic list of partners. We will be delighted to pair your group with one of our brilliant partners in Slovenia to handle all of your transportation and group excursion needs.


How far in advance should invitations be sent for a Destination Wedding in Slovenia?

Proper etiquette dictates that you should give your guests plenty of notice if you are planning a destination wedding. This way, they can check their finances, adjust work schedules, and make travel arrangements in a timely fashion. The first step is to send save-the-date cards as soon as you’ve decided to take your celebration abroad.

Next, you should send your invitations ten to fifteen weeks before the wedding, include essential information, such as flight options, hotel room choices, airport connections, and activity ideas for their stay.


Can I choose my vendors?

You may have your heart set on one of the photographers or officiants from our social media or website. If that is the case, please let me know so I can find out if they will be available on your date! I can book all of your Slovenian suppliers, or you are free to book vendors of your choice. Some couples from the US bring their photographer or videographer with them, and that’s fine. As your wedding planner, I will coordinate with them and let them know the itinerary for the day.

Amazing church on Lake BLed Island - perfect place to get merried
Documents for Lake Bled Wedding

Civil, church wedding, vow renewal & elopement

at Lake Bled

What documents do I need for a civil wedding in Slovenia?

When signing the registration, couples declare that they observe the necessary conditions for a valid marriage and that they make the decision according to their own free will. Persons filing for marriage in Slovenia will need to provide a set of documents, such as birth certificates. This certificate proves the persons are currently single and able to marry, documents attesting a previous divorce or the death of a last husband/wife (in the case of persons who were married before) and their passports (in the case of foreign citizens).


  • Passports – A copy of the passport picture page or ID card.
  • Decree Absolute – If you were previously married and divorced, you must have a Decree Absolute to prove you are no longer married.
  • Death Certificates – Required if your former spouse is deceased. Your registered office can issue a copy.



  • Birth Certificates – You will each need to present a new copy of your birth certificate, which must be issued no more than 180 days (6 months) before the wedding date.
  • Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage – If either the bride or groom is not Slovene, they must provide a document that proves they are eligible to marry in Slovenia, and the marriage is immediately valid.

The Birth and No Impediment to Marriage Certificates must be certified. As almost all countries in the world have signed The Hague Convention, certification by Apostille Seal suffices.


Can you book our wedding at a Registry Office?

Yes, we can. In the situation in which the foreign citizen applying for marriage can’t be present in the country at the moment in which all these documents have to be presented to the local authorities, the procedures can be completed through a power of attorney; after signing this document, our team can easily represent any foreign national.

However, you will have to come to Slovenia at least three days before the wedding day, because you will need to sign the papers.


Can we bring documents written in our language?

Foreign couples must provide all of the necessary documentation translated into Slovene by a certified translator. It is essential to know that traditional civil marriages concluded in Slovenia are valid in other countries.


Will you organize and coordinate the legal requirements for getting married out of the country?
Absolutely. As your wedding planner, we will investigate all legal marriage requirements and advise you accordingly; this includes specific religious requirements. Please be notified that document translation services may be required in some countries and will be billed as a separate charge.


Is it better to have a legal or symbolic ceremony away?

We will provide all options to you so that you can make an informed decision and do what’s best for you.


What is a site visit, and do I need one?

Just like a wedding at home, a site visit allows you to evaluate the venue, understand options available, see how your guests will be received, and review how your wedding will be managed. A site visit should take place before you sign your wedding venue contract.


Do you do weddings for same-sex couples?

This is a question that we have been asked several times sadly. And the answer is and has always been YES, of course. Our purpose is to celebrate love and make dreams come true. We even offer wedding blessings by a Pastor who never misses a chance to remind people that the heart of God is vast, accepting everyone.


Can we write our vows?

We feel that writing your vows is a significant part of your wedding ceremony, and your celebrant will provide you with guidelines for the best way to compose them. Some couples like to keep them secret from each other until their wedding day.


Will our ceremony be in English?

Our civil and church ceremonies are usually conducted in Slovenian, but there will be a translater who will translate in your chosen language.


What are symbolic weddings?

It merely means that you won’t have to do any paperwork! Your wedding in Slovenia represents the true inner commitment you are making to each other. Any legal formalities can be done in your home country. For this reason, you don’t need to reside in Slovenia to get married there, and you don’t need the 30-day residency that is required for city hall weddings.


What is a vow renewal?

A vow renewal ceremony is not a second wedding; it’s a more intimate affair to reaffirm your love and celebrate your time together. It can be just the two of you or shared with a few close family and friends.


Why renew your vows?

Here are the main reasons why couples decide to renew their wedding vows:

– To celebrate a special anniversary.

– They didn’t have their dream wedding the first time.

– To rekindle the fire after many years of marriage.

– To share their love and commitment with their children present.


The top 5 reasons why couples renew their wedding vows around Lake Bled:

– Lake Bled is one of the famous lakes in the world.

– The beautiful Lake Bled landscape offers the perfect backdrop for romantic photos.

– In Slovenia, couples can treat themselves with excellent food, culture, and attractions.

– It’s the ideal destination for a second honeymoon.

– To fulfill their dream to travel together.


What happens in a vow renewal ceremony?

During a vow renewal ceremony, your celebrant welcomes you to Lake Bled and reads a short, meaningful, and romantic ceremony script which focuses on you exchanging personal vows.

Personal vows allow you to reflect on your marriage, thank your partner for their love and support and recognize everything you’ve accomplished together so far.

Your ceremony can also include the exchanging of rings and readings by family or close friends.

Finally, you can sign a commemorative certificate, followed by a champagne toast to your love and continued future together.

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I have devoted my mission to creating exceptional experiences for people from all over the globe. My job is telling the greatest love story of all time – your love story – through the planning. I have a very comprehensive, personalize, and wholehearted approach to my work – I’m all in, every step of the way.

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