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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Bled Wedding

Slovenian Paradise Lake Bled

Hidden gem for your destination wedding at Lake Bled

Looking for a fairytale destination for your wedding? Well, Lake Bled might be just the place you’ve always wanted. With its breathtaking scenery including a castle on the top of a cliff, this Alpine lake with its small island (which, by the way, is the only island in Slovenia) is surrounded with unique natural beauties that you will have never seen before.

Lake Bled has been a world-famous paradise destination for centuries, impressing visitors with its mystical legends. Did you know that Lake Bled is supposed to hold special powers to restore well being? Just another reason why you should get married at Lake Bled in Slovenia.


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It’s said that whoever rings the bell in Lake Bled’s Island church and makes a wish will have their wish come true.


A 6 km long road around the lake is the perfect way to explore Bled from a lakeside vantage point that is hugely popular with walkers and cyclists. Or take a ride with Bled coachmen, known as fijakers!


Yes, indeed, you can take a swim in the lake, since Lake Bled’s water is very clean! On a sunny day, the turquoise waters of Lake Bled entice swimmers from all around the lake.


Rowboats are a fun way to explore the lake and a great way to reach Bled Island, which is about 10 minutes from the shore. You can also decide to take a boat ride in a traditional boat called “pletna”.

Newlywed couple enjoys breathtaking view from Bled castle during their Bled Wedding

Bled Castle

Enjoy the Views

Perched on a cliff overlooking Lake Bled, medieval Bled Castle is the oldest castle in Slovenia. The views across Lake Bled and on to the Julian Alps are spectacular from its high vantage point. Take in iconic Bled Island sitting amidst the emerald green waters of Lake Bled, surrounded by lush forests -for one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Lake Bled Island

99 stairs

Traditional wooden boats – pletnas – have been taking visitors to the island in the middle of the Lake Bled for centuries. These boats are operated by standing rowers known as pletnars. After landing, guests climb 99 stone steps to reach the Assumption of Mary Church. On this island, which is the subject of legendary tales, listen to the church bell and ring it yourself. Legend has it that this will make your wishes come true. As you return to the lakeshore, view the island on the lake from the castle or the walking or horse-carriage trails that lead you around the lake.

During their Bled wedding The Groom has to carry the Bride on 99 stairs

Do you know Lake Bled?

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Bled wedding cream cake for sweet table
The Bled Cream Cake

This must-see spot has been attracting visitors to Lake Bled for centuries and also offers excellent culinary delights. The most famous delicacy at Lake Bled is a dessert – the Bled Cream Cake (“kremšnita”) made using an original recipe from over 60 years ago. More than 12 million pieces of this dessert have been sold in Lake Bled so far.

The story of the Lake Bled bell

The church bell, made in the early 16th century, is said to have come from the pope himself. The story goes that he gave it to the church after the original bell, sent to the island by an inconsolable widow in remembrance of her late husband, ended up sinking to the bottom of the lake in a storm. So, Bled really does have a pair of legendary bells: the one in the church and the one on the bottom of the lake. The legend about the sunken bell is brought to life every year by an exclusive Christmas event.

Views and experiences at Bled Castle

The most beautiful view of the lake, its island, and the surrounding peaks is from the castle towering over the lake on a cliff. Due to its beauty, it is considered to be one of the loveliest wedding venues in Europe, and it has also been the location of important diplomatic and state protocol meetings. In addition to the picturesque architecture, this 12th century castle is also home to a museum collection; a castle printing works, where you can learn about traditional manual printing; the castle cellar, where you can bottle wine and seal the bottle with wax ; a castle smithy, and a restaurant. In the summer months, you can meet a castle lord or experience an archery tournament.

Myths about Lake Bled

The legend about the origin of the lake

It is said that in the past, there was no water at the location of Lake Bled. Small hill and rock existed where the church stands today. This same spot was supposed to be home to fairies who danced at night. To protect themselves, the fairies had called upon the springs and brooks to storm into the valley and fill it with water. But the hill with the rock remained as an island in the middle of the lake, and the fairies were able to dance in light starry nights safely.

The myth about the pagan goddess Živa (also known as “Shiva”)

Way before the Christian religion took place, people living in the land of the country that is now Slovenia, were pagans. One of the goddesses they worshiped the most was a goddess of life, Živa (in Slovenian language this word is a synonym for life itself). It is said that on a Bled Lake Island, where the Assumption of Mary Church stands today, was once a holy sanctuary of goddess Živa. In old books, you can find drawings of beautiful madam from the lake, the goddess Živa. She is known as the one who makes your wishes come true if you call upon her when visiting Lake Bled Island.