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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Documents & Registration for Lake Bled Wedding

What documents do I need for a civil wedding in Slovenia?

Foreign public documents for Civil Wedding at Lake Bled


When signing the registration, couples declare that they observe the necessary conditions for a valid marriage and that they make the decision according to their own free will. Persons filing for marriage in Slovenia will need to provide a set of documents, such as (from both):


A copy of your Passport

The birth certificate (a NEW!!! certificate which is issued 180 days before the wedding)

The No Impediment to Marriage Certificate (a certificate that proves the persons are currently single and able to marry)

The document attesting to a previous divorce or the death of a previous husband/wife (in the case of persons who were married before)


Once you submit these certified or legalized documents which are translated into Slovene then you can sign up for any available marriage date at the Administrative Unit. After the marriage has been performed, the Administrative Unit will issue a Slovenian marriage certificate. You will get the wedding certificate on your wedding day. If you would like to have an International certificate they can provide it.


A copy of the passport picture page or ID card.

Birth Certificates

You will each need to present A NEW COPY (not originals) of your birth certificate, which must be issued not more than 180 days (6 months) before the wedding date. In some case you will need to bring your originals with you.

The Birth Certificate must be certified. As almost all countries in the world have signed The Hague Convention, certification by Apostille Seal suffices,

Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage

If either the bride or groom is not Slovene, they must provide a document that proves they are single and eligible to marry in Slovenia and the marriage is forthwith valid. Some countries have a Single Status certificate and No obligation certificate.

The No Impediment to Marriage Certificates must be certified. As almost all countries in the world have signed The Hague Convention, certification by Apostille Seal suffices.

Decree Absolute

If you were previously married and divorced, you must have a Decree Absolute to prove you are no longer married.

Death Certificates

Required if your former spouse is deceased. A copy can be issued by your register office.

Having your wedding in Slovenia can be a beautiful and unique experience. But please make sure that all paperwork is understood and prepared so that your wonderful moment is not spoilt. I will register your forthcoming marriage with the Marriage Registry Office of the Administrative Unit in the Upravna enota Radovljica for Lake Bled.

Documents Legalization & Certification for wedding at Lake Bled

Get your documents in order for your civil and religious wedding with our help

I understand that the registration process can be confusing and complicated, but with my support, the process is made as easy and stress‐free as possible. Your wedding day is a big deal, especially when organizing it in an unknown country. It is that once in a lifetime day you’ve dreamt about from when you were a little girl or boy. Your wedding day is also the beginning of a whole new chapter with the love of your life. That’s why it’s important that you start writing this amazing chapter the right way. The experience of having your wedding in a breathtaking Lake Bled is well worth the effort!



You don’t need witnesses for civil wedding ceremony, but for church wedding are require two witnesses. They must show the originals and present photocopies of their passports if they are foreign citizens. My wedding team or one from your chosen vendor can act as witnesses.

A Hague Apostille is a certification provided under The Hague Convention of 1961 for authenticating documents for use in foreign countries.
An example of the No Impediment to Marriage Certificates (a certificate that proves the persons are currently single and able to marry).


The certification of required documents is not needed under the following conditions among the signatory states of the Hague Convention on the abolition of the need for legalization of foreign public documents, the certification with the “APOSTILLE” seal is sufficient or among the states that have concluded bilateral agreements on mutual recognition of documents without certification, for the extracts from the registers, which were issued based on the Vienna and Paris Convention.



An Apostille is a certification provided under The Hague Convention of 1961 for authenticating documents for use in foreign countries. Its only function is to certify the authenticity of the signature of a document. An apostille is placed directly on the document to be authenticated in the form of a 9×9 centimetre stamp and must always be titled “Apostille” (Hague Convention of 1961). The application for an apostille must be made by the holder of the document in the document’s country of issue. Each member state of The Hague Convention determines which authorities are responsible for issuing the apostille.



Foreign public documents from some countries like Canada can be used in Slovenia if they are first certified in the country of origin and then in the Republic of Slovenia at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or at diplomatic or consular representation.

Symbolic Wedding ceremony at Lake Bled

Your imagination is the limit when you have a Symbolic wedding ceremony

A symbolic civil wedding, also called non-legal wedding or blessing (vow renewal) in the church, is the right choice for those couples who prefer not to worry about completing documents for a civil or religious ceremony or are already legally married. This type of wedding is not legally binding and spouses have the freedom to personalize the ceremony in such a way that it reflects completely their values and beliefs. Fundamentally, the best part of all is that guests can never tell the difference! Legal and symbolic ceremonies are the same, just minus the license.

A symbolic wedding ceremony will be different from couple to couple. It is always tailored-made to the needs of each individual couple. The ceremony can be as traditional as you wish, or relaxed dare and unstructured. Symbolic wedding can not be in the church.

Legal requirements and documents for Lake Bled Wedding - passports, ID cards, birth certificates

Original Documents

Wedding documents without translation

Wedding planning is can be stressful especially when it comes to getting all the necessary wedding documents together. You will get all the documents written in your language. Then you will send all your documents via email, and we will take over the translation of your documents into Slovene by a certified translator. Remember to bring all your original documents.

Organization & Coordination

The legal requirements for your wedding

I love to help my couples! As your wedding planner, I will investigate all legal marriage requirements and advise you accordingly. This includes specific religious requirements. The wedding is in the Slovene language. However, I will hire an interpreter to be present and translate at the ceremony and when you go to the Registry office.

Happy bride is signing her wedding certificate at Lake Bled Vila
The Church of the Assumption (also known as the Church of the Mother of God) on Bled Island on the right side and st. Martin Church in the Bled town on a left side.

Religious Weddings

The Roman Catholic , Protestant, and Orthodox ceremony.

Chapels and churches, in general, have a unique appeal, but getting married in the small Lake Bled island church upgrades any wedding to a higher level. The most popular kind of religious ceremony in Slovenia is the Roman Catholic ceremony, although Protestant, Orthodox, and others are being performed as well. More about documents for a church wedding you can read on this link.

The Church of St. Martin in Bled town is on the left side and on the right side is the Church of the Assumption on Bled Island.

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