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Lake Bled Wedding Costs

The costs of a Lake Bled wedding

Experienced Lake Bled Planner will tell you the real prices

Lake Bled wedding costs!? Or how much does a wedding in Lake Bled cost? or Prices in Lake Bled? … I’m sure these questions have been running through your head if you are thinking about getting married in Lake Bled, Slovenia. This page is dedicated to clearing up those niggles and giving you a taster of what you will be paying for.

Planning a wedding in a foreign country means getting used to different customs and sometimes being faced with a language barrier. You must have someone on the ground doing the leg work and advising you throughout the whole process. Choosing the right wedding planner for you will be the best investment you make because it will save you time, money, and unnecessary stress. There are many wedding planners in Lake Bled. Taking some time to look through their style of work should help you decide which wedding planner is right for you.

lake Bled wedding costs

I do not charge or take any commission!

Some wedding planners work on a commission (financial incentive given by wedding suppliers in exchange for recommending them to my couples) basis which means they receive a percentage of the costs for every supplier they book. I don’t do this in my Storija weddings wedding agency when I recommend a wedding supplier that means you can be sure every wedding supplier I suggest is needed and the best vendor for you.

I choose to adhere to the professional wedding planner’s code of business ethics, which includes not accepting any commission whilst planning and styling weddings. Wedding costs for wedding planning, design, and coordination services vary greatly, depending on the wedding package you choose and the size of your wedding.

Lake Bled Island Potičnica is a place where you can find various types of the traditional Slovenian "potica" with various fillings.

Lake Bled wedding costs - venue

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

There are a variety of wedding venues to choose from in Lake Bled including, luxury villas, medieval castles high in the hills, luxury hotels, and boutique hotels. Venue costs vary widely if you want to hold your wedding ceremony at the venue.

The wedding venue fee for the ceremony can be up to 4.000,00€ and wedding menus (without drinks) starts approximately at 65,00€ per guest.

Lake Bled wedding venues has all

affordable or luxurious wedding venues

Selecting your Lake Bled wedding venue is one of the most important selections you should make early on because everything else will revolve around the location.

Many venues have accommodation plus ample interior and exterior spaces so that your ceremony as well as your reception can both be celebrated outdoors if you wish. Some venues offer complete exclusivity to you and your guests.

Bride and Groom walk down the island at vila Bled which stand next to Lake Bled

The Lake Bled wedding costs

Wedding budget breakdown guide

Your final wedding costs will be determined by a number of factors such as where you choose to get married and the many extras you may wish to add to your wedding day. From wedding photography to wedding flowers, documentation, and more, here are different wedding vendors’ types of costs you might expect to pay for a wedding in Lake Bled.

Lake Bled gives you endless wedding venues to create your dream destination wedding at Lake Bled, Slovenia. Stunning Lake Bled island with his byzantine church is one of them.

Church of the Mother of God on Lake Bled Island

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

This beautiful historic Church of the Assumption sits in the middle of Lake Bled and you can have a Catholic, Evangelical, or Orthodox wedding ceremony. You have two packages to choose from: the church ceremony basic package for couples including ringing the church’s infamous wishing bell or the ringing the wishing bell package.

Expected gift for the mass in your language and the basic wedding ceremony package just for the couple from 1.180,00€ from Monday till Saturday or 1.416,00€ on Sunday / Holiday. If you have between 50 – 100 guests the basic package will be 3.450,00€ from Monday till Saturday or 4.140,00€ on Sunday / Holiday. Ringing the bell package is cheaper.

A medieval castle wedding

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

A fantastic wedding day at the castle filled with fun, historic and unique experiences. This basic (compulsory) package includes: a 45-minute venue rental (Knight’s Hall, Lapidarium, Castle park, or scenic terrace), floral arrangement on the table, chairs with seat covers, reception and escort to your chosen wedding location, 1 bottle of sparkling wine, free admission to the castle for guests, music during the ceremony (3 recorded songs), and free parking spot for bride and groom.

The price for the basic package for intimate weddings (up to 10 guests) is 1.744,60€ and for larger weddings is 2.281,40,00€.

More about castle prices: online tickets & parking fee

The oldest castle in Slovenia is Lake Bled Castle which was restored in the period from 1951 to 1961, whereas the Bled Castle Printing Works and the castle wine cellar have also been added.
The wedding ceremony officiant with his helper stands under a dreamy wedding flower arch and talks to the bride and the groom.

A Registrar or a Celebrant

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

When booking the venue outside the Registry office, many couples do not realize that they have a choice of who conducts their wedding ceremony or who officiates the heart of their day, the ceremony! At a venue licensed for civil marriages, you have a choice between a Registrar or a Celebrant, however, the ceremonies they offer vary hugely. The main difference between the two is the legal aspect. Registrars are employed by the local authority and are authorized to conduct legally binding marriage ceremonies. Celebrants create non-legally binding celebration ceremonies.

The fee for a wedding officiant is 170,00€ (legal civil wedding) and for the wedding celebrant is 250,00€ (symbolic wedding ceremony).

Marriage certificate and documentation

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

Wedding planning is can be stressful especially when it comes to getting all the necessary wedding documents together. You will get all the documents written in your language. Then you will send all your documents via email, and we will take over the translation of your documents into Slovene by a certified translator.

The average price for the one-page translation is 30,00€ per page.

TIP: You can have a symbolic wedding ceremony in Lake Bled. It will look exactly like a legal wedding, but less expensive because you won’t have the cost of translating documents.

The bride is looking at the Groom who is signing their wedding matrimonial certificate during the wedding ceremony at Registry office in Bled.
During the wedding ceremony, there is a court interpreter who will translate the Slovenian ceremony into your language.

An official translator to attend your ceremony

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

The wedding is in the Slovene language. Legally an official translator must present at your civil ceremony to translate your legally binding vows. However, I will hire an interpreter to be present and translate at the ceremony and when you go to the Registry office.

The fee for an official translator starts at 100,00€ per hour.

A pletna boat ride across Lake Bled

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

You can ride on the lake and to the island in various ways, also on a traditional boat called pletna. Pletna boats are made by locals and are typical of Bled. The boat is navigated by “pletnar”. What is a pletna boat? It is a wooden flat-bottom boat designed according to the concept of the Venetian gondola boat, but it has its own features. The boat is 2 meters wide and 7 meters long and it ensures safe navigation for 16 people.

The price for one “pletna” boat ride (both ways): 220,00€ from Vila Bled pier or 320,00€ from Grand Hotel Toplice pier.

FROM EXPERIENCES: Usually, the couples stay on the island for 45 minutes, if they want to ring a wishing bell and take some photos.

Lake Bled boats called Pletna are standing at the pier at Lake Bled Island.
Fairytale, dreamy wedding decorations for a wedding couple from United Kingdom at Zemono castle in Vipava.

Wedding Décor

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

Wedding decor prices will depend on the type and scale of decorations that you want. I look forward to hearing your ideas and helping you create a unique wedding look for your special day. All the selected details can turn even such a simple space into something magnificent. Our ideas have no boundaries, so let your imagination and desires run free.

The average price couples pay for their wedding extra decorations like wooden white chairs, garden or fairy lights, lanterns, candelabras, table linens, napkins, sofas, signs… starts at around 1.000,00€.

TIP: It’s amazing how lighting can truly transform a space, which is a huge plus when decorating on a budget.

Wedding Bouquet & Boutonniere

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

Every bride wants a beautiful, unique and colorful wedding bouquet for her. Our talented florists use fresh, seasonal flowers for your bridal bouquet and the groom’s matching boutonniere. We’ll ask you to send us pictures of the styles you want, then the florist will match your wedding bouquet and boutonniere as closely as possible.

The price for a bridal bouquet is approximately 150,00€ and you will pay around 10,00€ for the boutonniere.
The Bride holds a pastel, rustic wedding bridal bouquet in Bled Rose Hotel.
Lake Bled Wedding Planner Petra Starbek with florist make an amazing boho wedding arch with fresh flowers in pastel colors

Additional Wedding Flowers

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

The flowers glorify the blossoming of love and make sure that the wedding is surrounded by beauty, fragrance, and colors. Choosing wedding flowers, shows your taste, style, and specialties. Based on your personal preferences, we will create a beautiful setting for your special day!

Average wedding flower decoration is 1.200,00€.

TIP: Repurpose your ceremony décor and think outside the box for centerpieces. There’s no rule that says your table centerpieces have to be floral arrangements — or that flowers have to be included at all!

Wedding Cake

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

Prices for wedding cakes depend on the style and size. Generally speaking, Spanish wedding cakes are less expensive. Traditional fruit or sponge wedding cakes are available. If you send us an image of what you would like, we will obtain a quote for you.

The wedding cake price starts at 7,00€ for the piece.

FROM EXPERIENCES: You have to ask your wedding cake baker to give you the full price for the cake. That means with decoration and delivery. Some wedding venues will charge cake cutting (up to 2€ per piece).

An expensive white wedding cake stands in the middle of the table decorated with candles, candelabras, roses petals, and flower arrangements.
Slovenian best wedding photographer Ana Gregorič with her camera at Vila Bled, Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Wedding Photographer

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

At a wedding, every moment counts, every minute is important in its own way. Of all the costs involved in wedding planning, photography is an element where no compromises should be made. Your wedding photographer can be present from the start of your wedding day when the bridal party are getting ready, all the way through to your evening festivities.

If you hire a wedding photographer just for 5 hours you will probably pay around 800,00€ and around 1.700,00€ for 10 hours. Couples choose photographers from 1.800,00 – 2.500,00€.

Wedding Videographer

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

An increasingly popular form of recording unforgettable wedding memories is also wedding videography. Your wedding videographer will work throughout the day to capture all the unforgettable emotions, events, and memories for you to treasure forever. When choosing a cameraman, find out about their style, about what the final product is, and about the price, of course.

The price for a wedding videographer depends on your chosen package (3–5-minute video is around 1.200,00€ or 2.100,00€ for short and up to 20-minute video).
Slovenian best wedding videographer Storija Film capturing the wedding day somewhere around Lake Bled, Slovenia.
The Wedding String Quartet creates a rich yet versatile sound at a wedding ceremony in the Registry hall in Ljubljana.

Live wedding ceremony music

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

When you think about your ceremony music, your first thought is probably the song you’ll walk down the aisle to, but it’s actually helpful to consider the bigger picture. Traditionally, the most basic ceremony music program involves a minimum of three songs: bridal entrance, the moment of the first kiss, and the couple’s exit.

I will offer a range of options for your ceremony including a violin and piano duo, a classical trio, choirs, and more.

Wedding ceremony music artists: a) string quartet: 600,00€, b) the singer and guitarist: 400,00€, c) two singers: 350,00€.

The costs for these artists are for playing during the ceremony and 30 minutes afterward.

Wedding Entertainment: Live band

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

There’s no doubt about it: Music can make or break a wedding celebration—think of it as the heart and soul of a reception. There’s nothing like a live wedding band to get a crowd excited and create a sense of sophistication. A great bandleader will play the master of ceremonies at your reception, interacting with folks on the dance floor, paying attention to the “feel” of the room, and selecting music accordingly. I will send you a list of recommended bands to choose from when you book.

The price for a live band is between 1.000,00€ and 4.000,00€.
Great party with an amazing Slovenian live band. The main singer is on his knees and sings.
This is one of the best Slovenian DJ during a wedding party in Lake Bled Castle.

Wedding music: DJ

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

Today’s DJs are artists in their own right, offering balanced and eclectic mixes of musical styles for all ages. The songs played will sound exactly as you want them to, encouraging sing-alongs and improvisation. And, depending on the amount of equipment a DJ brings, they could take up less dance floor real estate and can be relocated with relative ease. If you wish, you can provide your own playlist or request the playlist in advance.  (No need for band/other entertainment unless you choose)

The DJ price starts at 800,00€.


Lake Bled Wedding Costs

Do you want to come to the wedding in style and conjure up a glorious arrival at the wedding? Then choosing the right transportation is key to fascinating your guests. Do you already know what kind of transport you will have at your wedding – a carriage, an old-fashioned car, a race car, a motorbike or even a balloon? Choose from an open carriage, vintage cars, luxury modern cars, buses, taxis, shuttle buses for you and your wedding guests, and more.

Different type of transportation: a) a carriage: 70,00€ – 120,00€, b) an old car (1hour): 350,00€, c) a bus (half a day around Bled): 520,00€
A cute back oldtimer decorated with greenery for your wedding transportation around Lake Bled.
During the wedding reception, a barman makes a gin tonic and other cocktails at Lake Bled wedding venue. The Lake Bled Wedding costs for a great barman are reasonable.

Wedding Entertainment

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

We can help to arrange all types of entertainment to keep wedding guests young and old entertained. Choose from children´s entertainment, magicians, fire performers, sparkles, photo booths, cigar bars, photo booths, caricaturists, dove release, table trivia, giant Jenga or xox, cake buffet, harpist, comedian, karaoke, Mr & Mrs quiz, glitter bar, wheel of fun, silent disco, and more.

Some entertainment costs: a) dove release: 180,00€, b) animation for kids (3 hours): 150,00€, c) long sparkles (70 pieces): 70,00€

Wedding Hair & Make up

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

Our experienced hair & makeup team will be your personal glam squad whilst you relax in the comfort of your hotel room.

The price for the Bride with a trial starts: a) the wedding makeup: 180,00€, b) the wedding hairstyle: 150,00€. Prices are without travel expenses.

TIP: “I always encourage a trial! You have to plan an hour for you (the bride) and around 45 minutes for all others for hair and the same for the makeup.” (wedding planner Petra Starbek)

The Slovenian top make-up artist makes up the bride on her wedding dayThe Slovenian top make-up artist makes up the bride on her wedding day. The Bride looks amazing in a natural makeup look. .
Award-winning Slovenian wedding planner Petra Starbek waits for a wedding couple in front of a florist shop and writes an SMS about their wedding costs.

Wedding Planner

Lake Bled Wedding Costs

From designing the look and feel of your wedding, helping you find the right venue, connecting you with the right vendor partners, developing a wedding budget, and ensuring your wedding is better than you even envisioned to on-site management on the day, I’ll take care of every detail of your wedding organization for you. With you every step of the way, from today until the day you say I do.

The costs of wedding planning services depend on your needs.

If you need just a wedding coordinator you will pay 800,00€ on average. If you need a half-planning service you will pay between 1.500,00€ and 2.500,00€ and for a full-planning service, you will pay up to 5.000,00€.

Let’s make your wedding day

better than you even envisioned

Whatever your decision, take your time and choose the option that is right for you as a couple. We all want the same thing; that you will have a wonderful day. Allow me to create your memorable, once-in-a-lifetime ceremony.