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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding

The newlyweds walk out of the empty church of the Mother of God on the island of Lake Bled.

Church Wedding in Lake Bled

Religious Wedding In Slovenia

Maybe you’ve heard about Lake Bled’s spellbinding island church wedding venue, on a beautiful isle right in the middle of Lake Bled? Or it could be the chocolate box-pretty Church of St. Martin on the banks of the lake? Whichever it is, if you’re looking for the perfect location for a beautiful church wedding, Lake Bled is the answer to your call.

A dazzling, romantic destination, Lake Bled in Slovenia is a divine choice for a church wedding that stands out from the rest.

Delivering an extraordinary lakeside backdrop to a wedding in one of the world’s top locations, it’s no surprise Lake Bled’s top wedding venues are all stunning. Each offers couples a unique experience alongside sensational views and Lake Bled’s church wedding venues are no different.

From a sublime church wedding at the ancient Church of the Assumption on Bled Island to a beautiful wedding at the whitewashed, fairytale Church of St. Martin, here’s all you need to know about church weddings in Lake Bled and what you can expect your religious ceremony to look like.

The groom and his bride in a long white, lace wedding dress leave the church on Bled Island after their ceremony.

Aljoša Videtič Photography

Church Weddings in Lake Bled: A Guide to Religious Weddings in Slovenia

Why Lake Bled?

Easy: The ease with which you can get married in Slovenia is a reflection of its people’s legendary warmth and religious weddings are no different. Getting married in a church in Slovenia is a straightforward affair whether your denomination is Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox.
Memorable: Lake Bled is a sensational choice. It’s one of the globe’s top destinations with so much to see and do as well as stunning church wedding venues.
Unique: The churches in Lake Bled are steeped in history, with fun local traditions to add that extra something special you want from a wedding, especially if you’ve gone to the effort of having your wedding abroad.
Beautiful: Lake Bled’s churches are also majorly Instagrammable. In fact, the entire region is. Which again, is a must when you’ve gone to the trouble of getting married in another country or region.
Lower wedding costs: Best of all, this all comes at a lower cost, with Lake Bled a more affordable place to get married than so many other top wedding destinations. Here you’ll get top suppliers and venues without having to break your budget.
Universal Appeal: There’s something for everyone in Lake Bled and the open, warm character of Slovenia’s people is to be welcomed, particularly for religious weddings.
The Lake Bled Priest celebrates the liturgy in a catholic church of the Mother of God on the Bled Lake.

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What should I expect from a religious wedding in Lake Bled, Slovenia?

Religious Ceremony Types

The main religion in Slovenia is Roman Catholic so most Slovenian weddings are traditionally Roman Catholic wedding ceremonies but you can have a Protestant, Orthodox or another type of ceremony if you wish.

For a Roman Catholic wedding ceremony to be delivered in Slovenia, either you or your partner will need to be Roman Catholic. That person will also need to have the Sacrament of Confirmation. There must also be two witnesses present.

If you or your partner are divorced and were previously married in a Roman Catholic ceremony, your previous marriage will need to have been annulled for you to get married in a Slovenian Roman Catholic church.

The old Lake Bled Church altar and beautiful gold crystal chandelier.

Ana Gregorič Photography

Documents you’ll need for a religious ceremony in Slovenia:

To get married in a church in Lake Bled or Slovenia you will need:

a) a signed letter on headed paper from your priest (vicar/pastor if Protestant) to confirm you are a member of the church congregation.

b) 2 witnesses

c) to have already been married in a civil wedding ceremony (registry office) either in Slovenia or another country before the church wedding.

d) proof of your civil wedding ceremony (marriage certificate)

The smiling couple after their proposal ringing on the wishing bell in the Church of the Mother of God on the Bled Lake for a happy marriage.

Mitja Resnik Photography

How it works:

In Slovenia, you need to have a civil ceremony before you can get married in church. This is because civil ceremonies are the legally recognized way to get married. It’s the same in many countries so you will have heard of lots of couples having a quick civil ceremony a few days before the actual wedding day. That’s the same thing couples do here for a religious wedding.

It’s all simple and I provide all the support you need, arranging everything from this to documentation and more as part of my wedding planning services.

The couple walks in the Church of the Mother of God on the Bled Lake Island for ringing on a wishing bell.

Mitja Resnik Photography

What to expect from a church wedding ceremony in Slovenia

Church wedding ceremonies in Slovenia usually last around 45 minutes. You can get married in a church in Slovenia on any day of the week which gives you maximum flexibility for booking all your top suppliers! … more

The best places for a church wedding in Lake Bled:

A Dream Wedding On Lake Bled Island Church & Top Church Wedding Venues in Lake Bled

Lake Bled Island Church

The Church of the Assumption (also known as the Church of the Mother of God) on Bled Island, is an iconic landmark that’s truly magnificent. Positioned on a lush green island in the middle of the jewel-colored waters of Lake Bled, Bled Island Church almost seems to float on the water.

The spellbinding scene has graced the covers and pages of magazines, websites, and socials worldwide, looking like something dreamed up by Disney, it’s a world-famous image.

The ancient Church of the Assumption is steeped in history and legend. Boasting both Baroque and Gothic architecture, the church’s beautiful white facade is perfectly set off by its fertile green island surroundings and the blue of the waters which encircle it.

Inside, the scenes are just as satisfying with an ornate golden altar sitting alongside wood carvings, historic remnants of frescoes, and charming wooden pews.

Dating back centuries, you’ll love the tradition which says the groom must carry the bride up the church’s 99 steps on your wedding day to show he’s ready for the mature commitment marriage requires.

Together, you must also ring the legendary wishing bell which sits in the Church of the Mother of God’s iconic bell tower but you can only make one wish! The ringing of the bell also signifies your commitment to the faith and desire for a blessed married life together.

With a romantic, gondola-style ride out to the church in a wooden pletna boat (each big enough for 20 people and driven by an oarsman), a wedding at Lake Bled Island Church can’t be beaten!

Traditional boats called "pletna" are waiting for the wedding guests and Bride and groom at the Lake Bled Church pier.

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Fairytale Church of St. Martin on the shores of Lake Bled

Another option is the picturesque Church of St. Martin which delivers another stunning setting for any wedding. Set against a backdrop of Lake Bled with the mountains behind and green fauna on either side, St Martin’s parish church is a breathtaking sight.

Inside, the church is equally captivating with high vaulted ceilings, neo-Gothic architecture, frescoes, tall stained glass windows, and other ornate decors.

The Church of St. Martin is much bigger and more elaborately styled than Lake Bled Island Church which is much smaller inside. St Martin’s parish church also has a huge aisle, so if you want that big church entrance accompanied by the rousing strains of a church organ, the Church of St. Martin might have the edge for you.

The Church of St. Martin is much bigger and more elaborately styled than Lake Bled Island Church which is much smaller inside.

Lake Bled Wedding packages for Church Weddings

Lake Bled Island Church:

Together we will plan a church wedding ceremony for the Church of the Assumption of Mary which incorporates all you want and lots more.

a) Your wedding ceremony can be delivered as a Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical or Orthodox ceremony.

b) You will have exclusive use of the Church of the Assumption for the duration of your booking so the church will be closed to visitors.

c) Only church ceremonies can be in the church on the island.

A beautiful wedding couple is standing at vila Bled bridge and behind them is the Lake Bled church.

Aljoša Videtič Photography

Basic Lake Bled Church Wedding Package:

Costs include catering for a post-ceremony reception for the bride and groom plus wedding guests on the outdoor terrace (or in the gallery if the weather changes). Guests will be served a traditional celebratory slice of potica cake (choice of sweet or savory) alongside a glass of local wine (or your chosen beverages) plus canapes (as requested).


a) arrival on Bled Island by “pletna” boat from different piers across Lake Bled (from 15 to 30 minutes boat ride)

b) ascent of the 99 steps (groom carries wife to be up the steps) – before the wedding ceremony

c) religion-church wedding ceremony (it can be at 1 pm or at 5 pm and the mass can be up to 1 hour long)

d) the ringing of the Bell of Desire (the wishing bell) – before leaving the church

e) newlyweds greeted in front of the church (photos etc.).

f) reception on the terrace

g) leave Lake Bled Island Church

The beautiful gold cross in the Church of the Mother of God on the island of Lake Bled.

Ana Gregorič Photography

I’ve planned lots of stunning weddings, proposals, and elopements for Lake Bled Island Church, the Church of St. Martin and a whole host of other Lake Bled wedding venues. I would love to hear your ideas for your day.


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