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Lake Bled Wedding

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How to get married in Slovenia legally: Lake Bled Weddings Guide

If you are thinking about getting married in Lake Bled or another part of Slovenia, it is really important to know how to get married legally.

As a Lake Bled wedding planner, I know the many questions you have about everything from the documents you will need to whether you will have to register your marriage and how long you need to arrive before your wedding day.

One of the many services I provide to my couples is full support with getting married overseas. I know the entire process is really confusing so I’ve put together this comprehensive guide to explain what you need to do step by step.

I’ve included all the information you need to know about getting married in Slovenia legally, as well as my top tips to ensure your wedding preparations are smooth and problem-free.

Whether you are having a civil ceremony, civil partnership or a religious wedding, here’s your guide to getting married in Slovenia legally.

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How to get married in Slovenia legally: A step by step guide

Who can get married in Slovenia?

If you are over 18, not related to your partner and have never been married or are divorced or widowed, you are legally able to get married.

Same sex couples can legally get married in Slovenia. However, you will not be able to have a church blessing. In addition, if same sex marriage is not legal in your own country, your marriage may not be legally valid there.

What types of wedding must you have in Slovenia to be legally married?

Only civil ceremonies are legally recognised in Slovenia. Civil ceremonies can take place in a registry office or a legally approved venue.

Your wedding ceremony must be conducted by a legally registered officiant – a registrar, otherwise it will not be legally binding. In Slovenia, a registrar is called an officiant.

If you are getting married in a church, you will need to have a civil ceremony too, to be legally married. Your civil ceremony can take place in Slovenia or your country of residence.

You will need to show evidence of your legal marriage before you can proceed with a church wedding.

Don’t worry about the technicalities of this, it is much easier than it sounds and it is a similar requirement in a number of other countries. Call me on +386 (0)41 932 406 or send me a message below, if you have any questions.

Symbolic weddings and blessings are not legally recognised. Instead, lots of couples choose to have a quick civil ceremony ahead of their “official” wedding date then proceed with the wedding celebration of their choice on their “official” wedding day.

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What are the legal requirements for getting married in Slovenia legally?

To get married in Slovenia legally, you and your partner must meet the following requirements:

  • Be over 18 and un-related to each other.
  • Have never been married or be divorced or widowed.
  • Hold a civil ceremony in a registry office or a legally approved wedding venue.
  • Sign your marriage papers on the day of your legal wedding ceremony.
  • Have two witnesses present if you are getting married in a church. (Our team can act as witnesses for you, if required).
  • Be physically present in the place where you will be having your civil ceremony, at least 3 days before the wedding.
  • The ceremony is conducted in Slovenian but a translator can be hired for destination weddings.
  • Apply to get married in Slovenia at least one month before the wedding but no earlier than six months before your wedding date. You will need to supply your chosen registry office with proof of you and your partner’s: name, age, address and marital status.

For more information about the legal requirements for your wedding in Lake Bled or another part of Slovenia, give me a call on: +386 (0)41 932 406 or send me a message below. Alternatively, visit:

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What are the requirements for getting married in a church in Slovenia?

The overwhelming majority of churches in Slovenia are Catholic.

For a church wedding, you will need to show evidence from your own church leader that he/she gives you permission to get married in another church.

You will also need to evidence your nationality with your passport, your faith with something like a confirmation certificate and share a copy of your decree absolute if either of you are divorced

When you ask a priest to marry you in their church, they may have conditions for your approval. For example, they may want you to attend services at the church in the week before the wedding.

Additionally, lots of priests will only allow you to use their formal, approved vows and will request that your wedding ceremony includes a religious reading and songs.

However, as an experienced Lake Bled wedding planner, I have contacts in all the best churches in Lake Bled and Slovenia, so I can organise an accommodating priest who is receptive to couples from overseas, so please get in touch today for support with this.

What documents do I need to get married in Slovenia?

To get married in Lake Bled or another part of Slovenia, you will both need to supply a number of original documents including your: passports, any decree absolutes, birth certificates, proof of address and more.

For precise information relating to your specific wedding and the documents you and your partner will need, call me on: +386 (0)41 932 406, send me a message below or visit my web page about documentation required for Lake Bled and other parts of Slovenia.

How much does it cost to get married in Slovenia?

 Your final wedding costs will be entirely unique to you, however the one universal wedding cost for any destination wedding is that it will cost 170 euros if you want to get married at an approved wedding venue (outside the Registry office). At the Registry office the wedding ceremony is free if you have it during their work time. If you get married at a Slovenian registry office it is free and costs for churches vary.

Petra Starbek, the top lake bled wedding planner will help you will all the paperwork before and after the wedding.

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If you have any further questions about getting married in Lake Bled and other parts of Slovenia or want to discuss your wedding plans with me, with a view to getting help with your wedding planning, contact me on WhatsApp +386 41 932 406 or visit my home page now.


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