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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding

How to select a Lake Bled wedding venue? Wedding planner Petra Starbek will take you through all the amazing Lake Bled wedding venues for your wedding.

How to select a Lake Bled wedding venue?

Congratulations on your engagement! Embarking on the journey of marriage and love is truly exciting. Perhaps you are now contemplating what criteria to consider when searching for the perfect wedding venue. As a seasoned Lake Bled wedding planner Petra Starbek I have compiled a complimentary guide that will lead you through the array of amazing wedding venues in Lake Bled, ensuring a seamless selection process for your special day.


A Guide from Lake Bled Wedding Planner Petra:

Getting Married in Lake Bled & Top Lake Bled wedding venues

Selecting your Lake Bled wedding venue is one of the most important selections you should make early on as everything else will revolve around it.

A list of Lake Bled’s most popular wedding venues and amazing location for wedding photos.


Lake Bled boasts an array of incredible wedding venues and scenic locations for you to consider! To simplify your wedding planning process, here’s a curated list of the most popular wedding venues in Lake Bled. These recommendations aim to facilitate your decision-making and enhance the overall ease of planning for your special day.



Use this guide to discover more about Lake Bled and what you can expect from your destination wedding. From the best wedding venues to the best times of year to get married, you’ll find all you need to know about getting married in Lake Bled.


Lake Bled Wedding Planner Petra

How to choose the right venue for your Lake Bled wedding?

Selecting the perfect wedding venue is crucial as it sets the tone for your entire celebration. Fortunately, Lake Bled stands out for its diverse and impressive array of wedding venues, each offering a unique and dramatic charm.

Whether you fancy a majestic church, a grand hotel, or a stately home, Lake Bled provides a wide range of options. The choices cater to various styles, budgets, guest lists, and wedding trends. From glamping resorts ideal for festival weddings to cozy rustic inns with delightful warmth and excellent food, Lake Bled has a plethora of plush locations to suit every preference.


Wedding wooden arch decorated with pastel flowers and linen for a wedding ceremony at Vila Bled with an exclusive view on Lake Bled island.

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Consider involving a wedding planner in your Lake Bled celebration. Opting for a Lake Bled wedding planner means having someone with extensive knowledge of the area, experience hosting many weddings in various venues, and the ability to provide informed advice on the best options for your desired wedding type, ambiance, and schedule.

When selecting a venue, one of the crucial factors to consider is how well the space aligns with your vision. Consider the layout, ease of personalization, the time required for setup, and the decor needed to bring your dream to life. A wedding planner’s years of experience and creative expertise enable them to transform ordinary spaces into unique wedding venues. Additionally, they can advise if your vision aligns well with a particular venue.

Ensure the venue complements your theme and vision. For a contemporary feel, consider the Bled Rose Hotel; for a rustic ambiance, Penzion Berc is a great choice; and for a truly romantic setting, explore options like Bled Castle or Villa Bled.

Lastly, align the venue choice with your budget and guest count to ensure a seamless fit for your celebration.


The best months to get married in Lake Bled

To enjoy the best weather for your wedding, plan your day for a date in August or early to mid-September if you can. Why? This is the best time to soak up beautiful ombre sunsets and long, leisurely summer evenings.

May can be pretty rainy and June is busy with tourists and hot weather. In July, you’ll encounter the highest temperatures which may impact your plans.

However, if you want warm weather don’t take a date too late in September, otherwise, the evenings will be getting shorter and cooler, making it too cold to dine outside. October is relatively mild and popular for those who don’t mind the colder weather and want to hike.

If you want to come when it is quieter, you may decide to visit in the spring when the many attractions and natural wonders will be relatively free of tourists.



Waist up of romantic wedding couple hugging and posing by the Lake Bled Island stairs on a terrace with amazing view.

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There are a few things you will want to discuss with your partner and your family before booking venue:

1. What time of year do you want to get married?

2. Will you have a civil and a church wedding?

3. What is your budget?

4. Who will pay for the wedding? My tip – If your parents will pay for your wedding include them in selecting the perfect wedding venue.

5. How many guests do you anticipate?

6. What is your style? (Modern? Elegant? Traditional? Romantic? Vintage?)

Once you’ve browsed the guide, I’m here to help you find your dream wedding venue, and amazing wedding suppliers and get all your wedding planning in motion.

I can’t wait to hear how your love story began and to begin planning your unforgettable destination wedding in Lake Bled.





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