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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding

Lake Bled is the most magical wedding destination you’ll find anywhere across the globe

Why Lake Bled Wows With Every Visit: 3 top reasons couples choose Lake Bled

Bled town and Lake Bled – my two most favourite places in the world. For those who live there, it is just home. For me, Lake Bled is the most magical wedding destination you’ll find anywhere across the globe.

When you are surrounded by a place every day, you forget how incredible it is. I come to Lake Bled every two weeks and it blows me away every time.

From its picture-perfect landscape, to the many unique things to do and the endless array of romantic sights – it is a spectacular place. It was from the heights of Mala Osojnica that I first fell in love with the breathtaking views across the lake.

It was from the heights of Mala Osojnica that I first fell in love with the breathtaking views across the lake Bled.

Ana Gregorič Photography

The must-see vantage point of Mala Osojnica is incredible at sunrise. You’ll see the sun rise over the Julian Alps with the splendour of Lake Bled below- it’s something you’ll never forget.

It is my love for Lake Bled that fuels my creativity as a Lake Bled wedding planner. Every sight and sound triggers the most amazing ideas for my couples.

That’s why I specialise in planning weddings in Lake Bled – arriving here every two weeks to plan and co-ordinate weddings is a dream.

The Bled Rose Hotel has the wives to all beautiful venues around lake Bled (Bled Castle, Island Bled).

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Why get married in Lake Bled?

Here’s my top 3 reason’s why couples choose to get married in Lake Bled:

1. Stunning wedding venues at budget-friendly prices

If you are from the UK, US or somewhere else in the world, getting married in Lake Bled makes it possible to book a spectacular wedding venue at a budget-friendly price.

Prices for top Lake Bled wedding venues are around 40% cheaper than what you would pay at home. In fact, it’s the same for all your wedding costs if you get married in Lake Bled.

With flights into Ljubljana International Airport available at a low cost too, you can cut thousands and thousands of pounds from your wedding costs.

Some of the best wedding venues in Lake Bled include:

Perfect day for a stylish wedding at Bled Castle under the sky.

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  • BLED CASTLE: If you want luxury and glamour on your wedding day, a castle wedding venue is hard to beat. In the UK or Europe you would usually pay a premium to get married in a historic castle with original castle features. Yet here in Slovenia, you’ll find a wedding at spectacular Bled Castle comes at a much lower cost.
Perfect day for a stylish wedding at Bled Castle under the sky. Bride and Groom at their photoshooting on wedding at Lake Bled.

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Bled Castle is a sensational medieval castle wedding venue. It is the oldest castle in Slovenia and sits high in the lush green hills that surround Lake Bled.

From the venue’s terraces, on your wedding day you’ll enjoy plush surroundings, fun historic traditions and breathtaking views across Lake Bled to the Julian Alps beyond.

Petra Starbek at Vila Bled - the best wedding venue for your Lake Bled wedding.

Ana Gregorič Photography

  • VILA BLED: It is the same story with Vila Bled and all the other top wedding venues in Lake Bled – top facilities at a solid cost.

Vila Bled was once the summer home of President Tito. It is a beautiful stately home on the shores of Lake Bled.

Vila Bled’s luxury facilities are accompanied by: a private beach, terraces overlooking the lake, magnificent parkland, a spa, an award-winning restaurant and lots more.

  • GRAND HOTEL TOPLICE: With grounds that finish at the banks of the lake, the Grand Hotel Toplice is a fantastic Lake Bled hotel wedding venue with breathtaking views across the lake.

Get married in the hotel’s outdoor wedding space with magnificent views of Lake Bled behind you as you exchange your vows.

  • BLED ROSE HOTEL: Another top hotel by the lake is the Bled Rose Hotel. This designed, stylish lakeside location comes with amazing views across the lake, gorgeous spa facilities, beautiful interior design and lots more. The staff in the hotel is the friendliest and they will treat you like royalty.
  • CHURCH OT THE ASSUMPTION: For a dazzling church wedding venue, the Church of the Assumption is one of Lake Bled’s biggest attractions.

This ancient church is located in the middle of Lake Bled on its own island. You’ll take a romantic boat ride in a traditional wooden pletna to reach it. A pletna is like a gondola for up to 20 people. The pletna is steered by its own oarsman who will row you romantically across the lake.

Once there, you’ll need to traverse the church’s 99 stone steps to get to the venue. Traditionally the groom must carry the bride up the steps on their wedding day. When you ring the bell tower of this phenomenal church, don’t forget to make a wish because they are said to come true.

The Church of the Assumption is one of Lake Bled’s biggest attractions.

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2. Unique European wedding destination

Located opposite Italy and next to Croatia, getting married in Lake Bled, Slovenia gives you all the benefits of Southern Europe without it being too cliche or crowded with tourists.

Weddings in Tuscany or on the French Riviera are so frequent that some of the magic and excitement of a destination wedding can be lost.

Lake Bled is a chance to do something unique, travel somewhere new, save costs and enjoy the most romantic surroundings. Additionally, you’ll also get: gorgeous Italian-style food, warm Mediterranean weather, riverside cafe-culture, interesting history, a friendly welcome and dramatic rural landscapes.

Top rated wedding planner Petra Starbek plans a wedding by the amazing Lake Bled.

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3. Top things to do in Lake Bled:

There is so much to do and see in Lake Bled. It is only around 40 minutes drive to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia from Lake Bled and you’ll find much of Europe is also super- easy to get to.

Lake Bled alone, has everything from history to nature, hiking, tobogganing, cycling, skiing, watersports and more.

Lake Bled is home to Slovenia’s only national park, Triglav National Park, as well as other sublime natural wonders including: Postojna Caves, Vintgar Gorge, Lake Bohinj and Lake Jasna.

It is a beautiful, unforgettable and exciting place to get married. To discover more about the best Lake Bled wedding venues and hiring a top Lake Bled wedding planner, get in touch with me on: +386 41 932 406 or send me a message below.


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