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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding

Most stylish luxury hotel at Lake Bled for your destination wedding in Lake Bled.

Why Get Married in Lake Bled

Nestled in the heart of Europe on Italy’s eastern borders, Lake Bled is the type of magical wedding location you dream of.

There are so many reasons to get married here.

Long marked out as a must-see destination for European travellers, Lake Bled’s stunning waterside idyll delivers a magical quality you won’t find anywhere else.

Perfect for a dream destination wedding, Lake Bled is located in northern Slovenia and offers spectacular landscapes, dramatic wedding venues and tons of unforgettable experiences.

Church on Lake Bled island in ideally for an intimate wedding.

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Lake Bled is the prominent feature of the pretty Slovenian town of Bled. Only forty minutes drive from Ljubljana International Airport will find you in the midst of an unbelievably romantic setting.

The blues and greens of the lake are bordered by lush green hills with the Julian Alps and the Karavanke Alps in the distance.

Up high in the hills sits dazzling Bled Castle. Jutting out over the edge of the mountain, this 11th century castle is one of Lake Bled’s many beautiful wedding venues, boasting unrivalled views across the lake and beyond.


Get Married in Lake Bled: Endless things to do and see

The hills and valleys around Lake Bled provide all the action you would hope, with everything from horse riding to cycling, skiing and hiking available.

Each peak is covered in picturesque woodland and grasslands, dotted here and there with waterfalls, gorges, fairytale pools, charming villages, farmland, gorgeous wildlife and thermal springs.

Natural wonders to see include, Triglav National Park, the Postojna Caves and Vintgar Gorge which cuts its way magically through the mountains and forests, leaving behind beautiful rivers, waterfalls and gorgeous botanicals.

For a tour through the mountains, the Bohinj Steam Railway can take you on a glorious ride across the mountainous landscape, that feels like a step back in time

Down below, adventurous water sports on the lake come in every form, including kayaking, river rafting, sailing, snorkelling, fishing and parasailing whilst the thermal springs nearby make the waters particularly appealing to swim in.

One of Lake Bled’s many attractions are its beautiful gondola rides in the area’s uniquely shaped boats called pletnas. A pletna ride out to Bled Island is guaranteed to be the most romantic ride you will ever take.

Bled Island is a truly unique place. Sitting in the middle of Lake Bled, covered in green, this natural phenomena is a sight to behold.

The isle’s greatest attraction is the ancient Church of the Assumption, a magnificent wedding venue complete with baroque and gothic architecture as well as a famous 52m high, free standing bell tower.

Originally the site of an ancient temple to Ziva, the goddess of love and fertility, the Church of the Assumption is reached by the island’s 99 stone steps. Tradition challenges the groom to travel up all 99 so he and his bride can wed. Finish the ceremony by ringing the church’s bell which is said to bring you luck.

To get a full view of Lake Bled there are lots of boat tours and river cruises across the lake as well as hot air balloon rides. You can also take a rowing boat out on the lake yourself and explore the area at your leisure.

The town of Bled is gorgeous, boasting pretty architecture, horse and carriage rides and al fresco dining with Italian-inspired foods, eastern European favourites and of course, the famous Bled cream cake.


Sensational Lake Bled wedding venues

Lake Bled is a major destination for travellers and couples so if you are going to get married in Lake Bled there are lots of amazing wedding venues for you to choose from.

The range is impressive and includes, castles, churches, hotels and villas, each offering something totally unique for your wedding. My favourites include:


Villa Bled and villa Zlatorog:

Vila Zlatorog, a luxurious country villa with bright green shutters, attracts glances and it can be a perfect venue for a wedding at Lake Bled.

Ilya Ivanov

Vila Bled is a gorgeous luxury hotel that was the once the home of countless aristocracy, including President Tito. Surrounded by acres of parkland, Vila Bled boasts luxe facilities and accommodation, including its own spa, award-winning restaurant and enviable views out to Bled Island.

The wedding day starts with a romantic ceremony in the garden of Vila Bled with wonderful views of Lake Bled and the Bled castle.

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Vila Zlatorog is a charming lakeside villa with gorgeous outdoor areas where you and your guests can enjoy the views and great food. Its sought after restaurant is the ideal space to hold your wedding with the lake, hills and Bled Castle in sight.


Bled Castle:

Lake Bled castle is one of the best wedding venues in Bled where you and your guests can enjoy phenomenal views across the Bled lake from its mountain top terraces.

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Built in 1011, this hilltop castle is one of the best wedding venues in Lake Bled where you and your guests can enjoy phenomenal views across the lake from its mountain top terraces.

Offering first-class facilities and so many original features, Bled Castle delivers all the drama you want from a historic castle wedding venue including an atmospheric drawbridge and portcullis entrance.


Bled Rose Hotel:

Most stylish luxury hotel at Lake Bled for your destination wedding in Lake Bled.

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The Bled Rose Hotel, is a stylish, contemporary hotel wedding venue on the banks of Lake Bled with stunning modern spaces, top facilities and views across the lake and alps beyond.


Grand Hotel Toplice:

Photo: grand-hotel-toplice-lake-bled / from hotel page

Info: The Grand Hotel Toplice is located on the shore of Lake Bled, from where you can admire the loveliest views of the lake, Bled Island and Bled Castle.

The Grand Hotel Toplice has long been a favourite wedding venue in Lake Bled so you can expect numerous plush wedding spaces, excellent service and picture-perfect terraces from which to enjoy the lake below.


Penzion Berc:

Penzion Berc at Lake Bled

Photo: penzion-berc-lake-bled /

Everyone who visits Penzion Berc (guesthouse) is happy to say that they have felt welcome from the first moment onwards and spent their time here as part of the family. They always take care of a personal approach, but, at the same time, we guarantee the highest level of accommodation, accompanying cuisine, and other activities.

Lake Bled is an amazing place to get married. You won’t find anywhere else like it in Europe.

For all the help and support you need to get married in Lake Bled, I can provide expert wedding planning services for your destination wedding.

I have years of experience of planning beautiful weddings in Lake Bled. Whether you want a stylish destination wedding in Bled Castle or Vila Bled or a relaxed celebration in Penzion Berc, I can deliver all the wedding planning support you need.

From top local suppliers to the best wedding venues in the area and styling your wedding, you can rely on me to execute a stunning wedding that is even better than you imagined.

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