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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding

An amazing balloons surprise for the bride to be in Lake Bled – Vila Bled.

Surprise for the bride – room full of balloons

What an amazing surprise for the bride to be when she arrived at her hotel room the day before her wedding and found her future husband (with my help) had transformed the hotel’s bedroom into a room fit for a princess! Into a room full of pink, white, and silver balloons and a Bride balloon sign.

A balloons surprise for bride and bridesmaids in Vila Bled by Top Lake Bled Wedding Planner.

Ana Gregorič Photography

How did he manage this?

The groom secretly called me and asked if I can prepare a surprise with balloons for his future wife. OF COURSE, was my answer. I’m always for a memorable surprise.

A few months earlier, during our meeting for their wedding in Vila Bled and Bled Castle, the Bride showed me a photo of a decorated room with balloons and a bride sign. Days went by, and she totally forgot about this photo, but the groom didn’t. How amazing is this?

A room full of pink, white and silver balloons and a Bride balloon sign in Vila Bled, Lake Bled.

Ana Gregorič Photography

The arrival day for the bride…

(she came in the Vila Bled with her girlfriends, without the groom)

It was just a casual one day before the wedding when she came into her room in Vila Bled and she was shocked. She was in tears and totally excited. I got her SMSs – Petra what is this? Petra who did it? Petra, I love it! It was magical and perfect. Petra thanks! Petra I am so happy that you made this for me! … Oh Petra…. thanks for helping my future husband.

Lake Bled wedding planner helps plan a balloon surprise with a groom for his bride.

Ana Gregorič Photography

Are you thinking of doing something like this?

I can help you with planning and all the coordination. I really love great surprises.

Here are some tips:


Keep things under wraps by telling only the people you absolutely need to, such as your vendors and their staff. And sharing the secret with her best girlfriend is a good idea if you’re worried about how she may react on the arrival day. Plus, they might be happy to be part of the planning.

  • GIRLS love to help.

Make sure you will discuss all with the girls. They can help you a lot with the surprise. You know how girls can talk and talk if you need some more minutes to put together your surprise.


Your photos and video will be the most precious keepsakes of your surprise balloon. Book your photographer and videographer as soon as you’ve set a date and be flexible with your day if you can. If not, ask one of the girls if she can take some photos.


Hiring a great team of professionals will be key since you won’t be able to ask a lot of people to assist. I suggest to you that you hire a wedding planner. Planning a surprise (room filled with balloons or a welcome party) can be daunting. And on top of that, you have to keep it a secret from your girlfriend?! That’s what I’m here for! No matter how far into the planning stages you are — whether just starting out or even half-way through planning — I can help guide you through all the details and get you to that monumental moment when she says, “HOW did you do all this?! It’s amazing! As an added bonus, with my help, you now have an outside source who can help you keep this thing a secret — whether it be finding a way to hide decorations or taking RSVP phone calls so your girlfriend isn’t wondering why you’re fielding secretive calls – they are just from your wedding planner.

Surprise party with balloons in a Vila Bled, Lake Bled organized by top Lake Bled wedding planner Petra Starbek.

Ana Gregorič Photography

“Choose your own adventure and be you during wedding planning and on the wedding day. You don’t feel handcuffed by tradition. Take what you want from what is expected. Fill it with all the magic, glitter, or balloons, and wacky ideas you can come up with. Make sure everything will have a thoughtful message.” Petra Starbek


Lake Bled Wedding Planner

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