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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding

Top five slovenian wedding photographer

Shortlist of the best shooters to capture every moment of your wedding day in Slovenia

You’ve chosen an ideal venue and are collaborating with a wedding planner who offers the right photographer from this list, the best wedding videographer and suppliers that reflect the type of wedding you require. Your decor, dress, flowers, and cake can all look perfect on the day of, but it’s the skillful shooting, expert lighting, thoughtful composition, and fly-on-the-wall discretion that will shape your memories as you look back on your wedding photographs in the years to come.

These are the wedding photographers we recommend when asked and those who we trust to capture the portraits, moments, and details of life’s most sentimental events. Many of these talents have captured events all over the world—some approaching their work with a documentarian’s eye, while others are all about sheer romance. As for the best of the best, they’re all of the above.

I asked 5 wedding photographers to share their points of view, expert advice, and more about their signature styles in their own words.



Ana Gregorič Wedding Photographer

A little about you:

As a photographer, I am in constant search for the perfect light. I like being carried away by all the stories we encounter and love sharing them with you through photography. Every wedding is different and I enjoy showing that through my lenses. I feel honored to be able to catch all the emotions that come up when you least expect it, all the beauty and hard work that you put into creating one of the most important days in person’s life.

I finished my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where I received the Award for special artistic achievements. I work for several magazines such as Elle, and Grazia. Many clients in Slovenia trust me with their commercial work.

Black And White picture bride by Ana Gregorič

Your Style:

A mixture of documentary and editorial look with a touch of fashion.

The Approach:

I like to blend spontaneous moments with lifestyle editorial look.

I always try to move the subject into the best light or setting, but then let the story unfold naturally.

Expert Advice:

Give the photographer enough time to capture what you care about. The wedding day is always too short and rushing will make it even shorter. I care about how the client feels and it’s essential that they feel comfortable and live fully in the moment.

Best Lake Bled location: The Bled Castle

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Aleks Kus wedding photographer

A little about you:

Aleks Kus, a Slovenia destination wedding photographer from a country that has the Love in the middle of the name, called Slovenia, Europe. Together with my wife and soulmate, I compose a harmonic duo, traveling around the globe to tell the fantastic wedding stories of people in Love. Friendship has been holding us together since we were young – we used to play on the local playground as kids. Later in life, Love widened our friendship and formed an even deeper bond yielding two beautiful, now teenage daughters.

Lake Bled Castle photography

Your Style:

I have been in the wedding photography business for more than 15 years, coming from a photojournalist background. My passion, professionalism, and Love for photography are results of mutual understanding and respect. You can see this through countless international awards and acknowledgments, but most importantly, through satisfied customers. Nowadays, we work in Slovenia and abroad, where we follow the story of one, two, or three-day-long weddings. Multi-day wedding celebrations are our big passion and a challenge that we gladly accept. On the other hand, small, intimate weddings are different types of challenges too. The bond between newlyweds, their family, and friends are even more distinct. In these special moments, it is not unusual for tears to fall from those who genuinely understand Love, tears of joy, and delight.

The Approach & Expert Advice::

I see wedding photography as storytelling. It is my passion and my way of life. Wedding photography is about capturing moments of true affection between the bride and the groom, a moment that lasts forever. It is also about looking for witty glances between the guests, who might not see each other again once the wedding is over. This is why wedding photography is my visual legacy, which lasts an eternity and so much more. A wedding is a celebration, which leaves nobody emotionless. It is an experience, which does not only leave a lasting imprint on two people. A wedding is a mixture of emotions, which build and change our relationships, untying them along the way. That is why friends and family are such an important part of our lives and a significant part of wedding storytelling. Every wedding is unique and special in its own way. Your way. And every wedding photography tells its own story. Your story. In my way.” This approach to wedding photography puts even more responsibility on us, and at the same time brings us more joy, because it is simply our way of life.

Best Lake Bled location: Island on the lake Bled

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Ana Kette Wedding Photographer


A little about you: I’m Ana Kete destination wedding photographer from Slovenia. For the past 10 years that photography is part of my daily routine, the following are truly meaningful to me when I’m creating beautiful memories from behind my camera: Warmth, Experience & Love. I love the genuine connection that comes with photography. There’s such a raw and real relationship between the photographer and the subject; there are a delicate trust and vulnerability that comes with the creative process that makes it, unlike any other career. It’s an easy career to be passionate about, and that’s what I am: very, very passionate.

Bride and Groom at winter wedding in beautiful Slovenia

Your Style: Warm, alive & genuine. I like to infuse my photos with a rosy, sun-baked vibe which works really well for weddings as it tends to conjure up a relaxed, romantic vibe.

The Approach: My approach is intimate, friendly, and energetic. I think my energy allows my clients to relax and really enjoy their time in front of my camera…even if that’s not usually somewhere they feel comfortable. I genuinely adore what I do: giving my couples meaningful experiences and helping them make memories is a total joy. I’ll do everything to make you feel special every step of the way.

Expert Advice: Expert advice on photo session part of your wedding day. Instead of thinking about it as a thing “you should do,” think of it as the only time of the day, you two will be alone with each other. Make those moments count, tell each other how you feel, snuggle, kiss, and enjoy each other’s company like never before.

Best Lake Bled location: Definitely Mala Osojnica (Although it takes a little hike to get there!)

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Nika and Grega Wedding Photographers

A little about you:

We’re Nika and Grega, a photographer couple in love with life and nature. We’ve been photographing beautiful love stories around the globe since 2014. Lake Bled is one of our favourite places since it’s straight out of a fairy tale. There are so many rewarding aspects of photography, but the best by far is when couples let us in. Into their little world where they can be themselves. And love, feel, be – without any hesitation or restrictions. There’s nothing more rewarding then being part of someone’s story, to give them precious memories and capture moments in time that are gone so quickly.

Enerrgy filled exit wedding photo

Your Style:

We love colors and strive to keep them as natural as possible. Our style is vibrant and fun, a mixture of documentary and portrait photography.

The Approach:

We both work as the main photographer and we want to you get a blend of our different approaches – Grega is more technical and Nika more romantic. We love to laugh and we want you to be as comfortable as possible on your wedding day, that’s why we like to keep our sessions relaxed.

Expert Advice:

The most important thing about your wedding day is to have fun. Don’t stress about details, it’s about you and your loved ones.

Best Lake Bled location:

The Castle and the pletna boat ride to the island.

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Tamara Vidmar Wedding Photographer

A little about you:

I wouldn’t describe myself as a photographer, but rather as a hunter/seeker of precious moments. I am the one who loves late night conversations, a person who loves sincere laughter, the sound of waves, the sea, sunrise and sunset. A quick, unexpected trip to the mountains or to the coast and a long walk with my dearests really make my day. I love meeting people who are warm, authentic and full of deep stories. People, who are as in love with life as I am – and that is why I like looking through the eyes of the camera and capturing precious moments that will last forever. My true nature is perceiving and revealing the best in every person and I use my camera to make those genuine moments remain in infinity. Not only do I strive for technically perfect photos – I love to add value producing a piece of art that makes you stop and feel the vibrancy of the captured moment and the feelings attached to it.

Life is beautiful only if we see it that way – so let’s meet and create an unforgettable story together.

Couple in love by wedding photographer Tamara Vidmar

Your Style:

My style is romantic, gentle, sensual and spontaneous. I love hidden moments, which are invisible to most people, however they ultimately make up a unique story. My photos are relaxed – I try to stay invisible beside every couple to catch their most intimate, spontaneous moments. The most important thing is to catch the dynamic of every couple – some are gentle, others funny, and it’s on me to adapt to their personalities while still maintaining my style.

The Approach:

I focus on making my couples feel relaxed and confident in front of my lens. I like to show them some photos in between the photoshoot, so they can feel a little more self-conscious, when they see how beautiful the photos turned out. I want to achieve intimate photos so I try them to behave as if I am not around – this way the photos are a lot more authentic, unique and I can really capture their energy.

Expert Advice:

The most important thing is to choose a photographer with whom you personally connect. It is true that the photos are important, but they won’ be as beautiful if you as a couple cannot relax in front of the photographer.  I always like to meet the couple in advance so we can get to know each other personally. The weddings can be stressful and it is the most important thing to have a wedding planner and a photographer you can trust.

Best Lake Bled location:

I think the most perfect spot for wedding photography is on a boat called »pletna« – preferably in a sunset. When you are away from everyone else and the couple can enjoy themselves. There they can listen to the sound of the waves and observe the beautiful Lake Bled, which is one of the most popular wedding destinations in our beautiful country.

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