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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding

Lake Bled wedding planner Petra Starbek is writing blog about destination wedding

Few realities about planning a destination wedding

There are few realities about destination weddings only – the biggest one is that you have decided to get married in a place from which you are not very familiar. But that’s why you’ve chosen to have a destination wedding, right? “You wanted to get married someplace different and spectacular and special to you. So that’s exactly what you’re doing.” Holding a destination wedding is quite different than a wedding you have attended in your local restaurant, hall, castle, or country house. With that said, I have some tips for you that may make the planning process a little easier to understand.


A wedding couple from France embraces and kisses during a wedding photo shoot on the bridge of Villa Bled with a view of Bled Island.

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destination wedding

A few wedding guests instead of a hundred or more.

Not everyone who you want to invite will be able to attend. They will be excited for you but this can be for a whole host of reasons and none that should be taken personally by you. Some facts about the wedding guests.

1. There could be some financial reasons for their decline that they may not even want to tell you about.

2. Not everyone gets vacation time either and may have used them up or want to use them in other ways, sometimes beyond their control.

3. They could hate flying and not even have a passport.

4. Health issues could be at play for older members.

5. A destination wedding is an expensive proposition and a big-time commitment. Even if they want to attend your wedding, there may be somebody who cannot meet the requirements of a good bridesmaid or groomsman and may opt out of the honor. Encourage them to try to attend as a guest.


This is not to put you off your dream of a destination wedding. Just keep in mind that it isn’t personal. Try not to be hurt, or to let the disappointment impact your relationship.”


Lake Bled Wedding planner with the Bride choosing flowers and decoration for her wedding at Lake Bled Castle.

Gia Živa


destination wedding

Don’t expect things to be less expensive!

If done right, a destination wedding can cost no more (and maybe even less) than hosting the same party at home. Still, there are extra expenses you’ll need to factor in for any destination wedding, including importing key vendors and décor, welcome bags for guests, additional activities for guests, and travel costs for you and your immediate families (including those planning trips, not just the wedding weekend). So make a budget that’s realistic and factors in all of these extra costs.


In-person vendor visits might go a little differently.

Finding and visiting vendors at the destination will be different than you would experience with local vendors. Mostly the best vendors such as caterers or bakers don’t have commercial existence as well as don’t offer to taste. Even if they offer, they will charge money for it, if you are not under contract with them. Similarly, florists will not have shops of flowers where you can go and pick flowers for your wedding, as flowers are ordered and shipped.


Top Lake Bled Wedding planner with a future Bride are talking about Lake Bled Top Wedding Venues during drinking coffee at Bled Rose hotel by the Bled lake.

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destination wedding

You don’t need to meticulously plan the whole weekend.

Your guests have spent money to travel for your wedding, but they’d also like to have some free time to explore Lake Bled or Slovenia (whether that be beach time, pool time, adventure time, or something else). You are not the tour guide for your guests so don’t feel you have to plan their whole stay especially if they extend their vacation. This isn’t being selfish – you have a wedding to plan and a honeymoon to enjoy. Your guests will probably not want their vacation programmed either. They won’t feel obligated to participate in planned activities and you won’t have the stress of planning them!


Make a wedding web page.

Creating your wedding website is one of the first things you’ll do after getting engaged and choosing Lake Bled for your destination wedding location. You’ll want to share your engagement story, wedding logistics, registry, activities, information about Lake Bled, Slovenia, and more on it.



The newlyweds walk hand in hand while sprinkling flowers at a beautiful destination wedding in Lake Bled

Ana Gregorič Photography

destination wedding

You might not be able to find wedding items.

DIY brides and grooms need to realize that most remote locations don’t have stores that carry wedding supplies. If you know you need it for your wedding, buy it at home and ship it or bring it with you. I will take care of your items and bring them to your wedding.


destination wedding

Vendors might take a few days to respond to your emails and calls.

You need to be patient while contacting and dealing with the vendors at your destination. If you are not getting married very soon, they will not take the matter as urgent and will take the time to respond to your calls and emails. For a good working relationship, you have to be patient and need not push them too hard or be annoying.


Lake Bled Wedding planner Petra Starbek stands next to a gold mirror wedding timeline decorated with white and green flowers in vases at Vila Bled, lake Bled.

Mitja Resnik Photography


destination wedding

Consider hiring a local wedding planner.

Yes, destination weddings are joyful occasions, but sometimes, planning one can be anything but this. Is hiring a local wedding planner worth it? Being a local wedding planner, you probably think I’m going to say a huge “OF COURSE”. But no, you don’t need to hire a local wedding planner. A wedding planner can save you time & money, and make your life easier, but you don’t need one. But you might love one. Especially, because you’ll be dealing with vendors with a different set of rules (Slovenia has it) and money type. In the end, this is your decision.


Take my honest, heartfelt advice and save yourself the headache (and the international call minutes in the night) and money by hiring an expert local wedding planner to take the lead.


So. Many. Details.

I have done this before—like, a lot (more than 500x) – so I can help you wrangle details you might otherwise overlook. I can also help you make the most of your budget and allocate it properly.



I have remarkable knowledge of the local market.

I am a full-time event planner, I am networking and researching vendors and suppliers to build our network and to stay ahead of the trends almost daily. If I have a client who is looking for a cinematic photographer, finding one does not take weeks of research and sending emails that appear to go into the ether.

“It’s one phone call.”


Destination wedding planner by the table with computer and pink planner plans a wedding at Lake Bled.

Ana Gregorič Photography

It’s an additional cost. It is?

Do wedding planners save you money? Yes, I have an inside track, which means sometimes I can save you money – but not with all vendors and venues. If your budget is already stretched, but you could use help, consider a day-of coordinator.


Assuming you searching vendors without knowing your financial plan, you are probably going to go over budget absolutely because you went gaga for their style.


One of the first things the wedding planner will do is set a budget with you and for you. They will take the budget and break it down into relevant categories so you know exactly how much you ‘should’ spend in each area. Wedding planners will rather suggest providers that suit your feel and financial plan. Besides, they will check contracts searching for any secret conditions that could expand the provider spending. As a rule, planners have extraordinary associations with vendors who deal with limits or worth added to that planner’s clients. However, more significantly a planner will guarantee you burn through cash in the right region and that you are following through on a fair cost for the vendors employed. They understand what vendors offer the best worth, yet additionally when something is a waste, as at times becoming involved with the wedding fanfare can be simple. They are ninjas about making and dealing with your spending plan while now and again feelings could influence your choices. A wedding planner will direct you if something is superfluous or potentially financial plan.


Wedding planner Petra Starbek from the Lake Bled wedding team and the groom hug a Bride under the boho wedding arch.

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Someone you trust and click with.

Specifically, finding someone that you trust and get along with. It’s a process to find “The One Wedding Planner” and sometimes it can be as hard as dating. Because of that, I like to talk with you and see how we click. I work hard for my couples and my suppliers because I take things personally – and think of the people I work with, as family. I will never knowingly do less than the most I can do, and I take pride in everything I put my name to – regardless of who is watching.







I’m here for you.

Wherever you are in the world, if you are planning a wedding and you’d like expert support by your side – I’m here for you. I can give you comprehensive guidance, or just peace of mind on the certain elements you need help with. To get in touch, you can fill out my contact form or just email me at