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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding

How much does a wedding in Lake Bled cost on average?

Destination weddings in beautiful locations such as Lake Bled in Slovenia, remain popular because not only do you get to get married in a spectacular setting, you can also greatly reduce your wedding costs.

A wedding in a European destination such a Slovenia makes it possible to book a dazzling wedding venue for a fraction of the price it would cost in the UK, US, or Italy.

With all the other wedding details coming in at an equally lower cost, it makes perfect sense to book a destination wedding in a stunning location like Lake Bled.

Wedding costs: Wedding in Lake Bled Budget Breakdown

Final wedding costs for a wedding in Lake Bled will depend on the type of wedding venue you choose, the number of wedding guests you invite, and the wedding details you want to have. You’ll be amazed at the types of stunning, luxury wedding venues you can book in Lake Bled at a cost unthinkable in the UK, US, or Italy.

It also means you have plenty leftover to enjoy unique extras such as a carriage ride, a boat ride, a big live band, photo booths, wedding videography, gourmet food, a more expensive wedding dress, a more exciting honeymoon, and all those extra details you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

Let’s take a look at an example wedding budget breakdown for a wedding in Lake Bled and what those wedding costs cover.

From wedding entertainment to cocktail bars, wedding venues, and wedding food, let’s take a look at what your wedding budget breakdown might look like and what these wedding costs involve.

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How much does a wedding in Lake Bled cost on average: Wedding Budget Breakdown

A little (but important) about COMMISSION

I choose to adhere to the wedding planner’s code of business ethics which includes not accepting any commission when planning and styling weddings.

By commission, I mean any financial incentive that may be offered to me by wedding suppliers in exchange for recommending them to my couples.

That means I will only suggest wedding suppliers to you because I think they will be the best vendor for what you need and I believe you truly need them

Lake Bled Wedding planner Petra Starbek talks about wedding costs for a destination wedding in Lake Bled from mala Osojnica. She is always completely transparent and honest about pricing.

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My pricing is always completely transparent and honest!

I always carefully match wedding suppliers so they are just right for the style and outcome you want. I have a network of experienced Lake Bled wedding suppliers that I use because I trust them explicitly and their prices are also transparent.

Your trust is paramount to me so my promise to you is to:

  • always act with integrity and honesty
  • respect your wedding budget at all times
  • curate a wedding team for your wedding that truly aligns with your needs, style, and values
  • tell you immediately if I am offered any work on a commission basis and request the financial reward is instead given to you as a discount on your final bill for that supplier

It is always useful to discuss whether a wedding planner accepts commission when you first meet.

If a wedding planner accepts commission it doesn’t automatically mean they are being dishonest. It does mean they are not being completely open about how your wedding costs are being applied because they are earning extra income every time you go with their recommended suppliers.

Amazing Lake Bled island stands in the middle of the lake and it is a dreamy location for a destination wedding in Slovenia.

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Additionally, the wedding supplier is likely to be more expensive because their prices have to allow for the extra commission they need to pay the wedding planner so you’ll find these types of suppliers mark up their prices by 10-15% or sometimes more.

If the wedding planner initially appears to come at a low cost, you’ll find the extra markup they are earning from the commission, which means your final wedding costs will be far higher than you expected.

It also means the wedding planner will not put your needs first because they will be biased towards suggesting wedding suppliers from whom they can reap some of the financial rewards that results from your booking.

For those reasons, the vast majority of professional wedding planners do not accept commission from wedding vendors. The priority should and must always be to source the best suppliers for your wedding and not those who will earn the wedding planner the best commission.

I am proud to join so many of my fellow industry professionals in operating Storija weddings with a no commissions policy – and 100% transparency, always. All wedding costs at Storija Weddings are free from the commission.

How much does a wedding in Lake Bled cost on average: Wedding Budget Breakdown

So how do your wedding costs breakdown?

Let’s take a look at the average costs you can expect to pay for a wedding in Lake Bled.

Relax lake bled wedding planner Petra Starbek talks with a makeup artist about wedding costs around Lake Bled

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Use this guide to help you plan your wedding budget.

Budget Breakdown for one of my weddings in Lake Bled with 70 guests in 2019

This wedding budget is taken from one of my real Lake Bled weddings. It is an indication rather than a fixed projection because every wedding is unique and I am here to cater to your personal wishes and needs.

  • 170,00€ Registry office
  • 210,00€ interpreter during the ceremony and papers translations
  • 1500,00€ fee for ceremony location (villa Bled)
  • 2280,00€ for cocktail hour at villa Bled (food & drinks)
  • 6430,00€ for food & drinks at the castle restaurant
  • 1200,00€ fee for the terrace at Lake Bled castle
  • 540,00€ for wedding cake and sweets
  • 99€ fee for the cake cutting
  • 360,00€ for 2 “pletnas” boats from villa Bled (one boat is 180,00€ both ways)
  • 150,00€ for civil music
  • 500,00€ for DJ
  • 860,00€ for lights & other decoration
  • 1800,00€ fee for a wedding planner
  • 1250,00€ fee for a wedding photographer – 12 hours (one photographer)
  • 890,00€ fee for a wedding videographer – 8 hours (two videographers)
  • 170,00€ fee for a wedding makeup & hair
  • 200,00€ transport fee
  • 850,00€ flowers

IN TOTAL: 19.459,00€ (approx. 277,00€ per person)

If you would like a bespoke wedding budget for your wedding in Lake Bled, get in touch with me on +386 419 324 06 or email me at: I will create a bespoke wedding budget breakdown for you so you have a clear idea of how much your wedding in Lake Bled will cost.


For Lake Bled castle wedding costs you can ask the top Lake Bled wedding planner Petra Starbek

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I hope this post has been helpful in clearing up many of your concerns about wedding costs for weddings in Lake Bled.

It is often said that getting married in Lake Bled will save you money but what it actually does is provide you with more for your money so you can really get a dream wedding day accompanied by guaranteed sunshine! Plus you and your loved ones also get to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime getaway together at one of the most special times in your life.



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