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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding

Newlyweds are choosing the cheapest wedding location in Europe for their destination wedding. Wedding location plays a major role in the look and feel of the celebration.

Affordable wedding venues in Europe: Lake Bled Venues

There’s nothing more exciting than a destination wedding in a glorious location. But when you’re the couple with the rest of the wedding to pay for, a destination wedding can feel like a step too far. There are in fact, plenty of affordable wedding venues in Europe that are absolutely spectacular, lots of them repeatedly top the lists of the best places to get married in the world.

You see, it’s the vistas, landscapes, culture, history, and local gastronomy that give a destination wedding a touch of magic, and Europe has tons of it. Who wants to spend thousands on a wedding they can’t enjoy because they’re too worried about how long it will take to pay it all off?

Not you. And your friends and family will thank you for it too!


Wallet-friendly European wedding destinations:

Lake Bled Venues are one of them


From Dubrovnik to Porto, Lake Bled, Budapest, Greece, and Istanbul, check out these top inexpensive yet dazzling, world-class wedding venues in Europe. Just think – you can get married in a top wedding destination without blowing your budget by the time you’ve booked the plane!

Best of all, they’re all easy to get to and all your loved ones will be able to afford to come too.



An amazing night photo of Porto town in Portugal during an inexpensive wedding in Europe. 

Lush vineyards, stunning hilltop vistas, beautiful golden sands, and magnificent historic architecture make Porto in northern Portugal, a fantastic alternative to a hillside wedding in Tuscany.

Famed worldwide for the Douro Valley’s delectable wines, Porto is a chic, vibrant and sophisticated city. Having made its wealth as a major export destination, Portugal’s second-largest city is buzzing with gorgeous wedding venues, plenty of warm sunshine, and delicious, fresh local food and wine.

This is a city that combines riverside alfresco dining with tranquil vineyard settings and miles of unspoiled beaches so there are tons of superb wedding venues to suit every taste and style.

With much of Porto’s best wedding venues situated in and around the Douro Valley, you’ll find everything from period manor houses like the Baroque-style Casa da Calcada Relais and Chateaux or Quinta d’Alvre, to riverside hotels, historic churches, and idyllic beach wedding venues like Set Lounge Beach Weddings.

In addition to having plenty of fine quality wine and fresh seafood at your fingertips, you’ll find Porto wedding locations have superb outdoor spaces with spectacular views so you can really make the most of your picturesque setting.

There are tons of fascinating things to do and see here, with something for everyone. As Porto is an inexpensive European destination, you’ll have plenty left in the budget to spend on enjoying your surroundings.

Whether you and your loved ones want to hit the beach, surf, shop, cruise the Douro River or trawl the historic cobbled streets of Porto Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Porto delivers all the fun, excitement, and beauty you want from your destination wedding.

Best of all you won’t have to blow your wedding budget to do it!



Wallet friendly destination wedding location is Dubrovnik in Croatia.


For a sun-kissed, coastal destination on the banks of the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik in Croatia is a trendy, energetic city with tons of striking wedding venues and lots to do.

Reminiscent of the historic splendor of Florence, within its 16th century stone city walls,  Dubrovnik’s Old Town is a heady mix of awesome Baroque architecture, medieval alleyways, shops, seafood restaurants, buzzing bars, and stylish clubs.

Dubrovnik is Croatia’s premier destination and one of the world’s best wedding locations.

You’ll find UNESCO World Heritage Sites at every turn, accompanied by phenomenal views, gorgeous beaches, centuries-old monasteries tucked into the hills, fortresses, botanical gardens, and lots more.

On top of all of that, there is even a network of tiny, secluded islands just off the coast.

This combination of historical buildings, popular tourist destinations, and coastal settings creates a unique mix of different types of unique, memorable venues with fantastic sea views.

There are literally no restrictions on where you can get married in Dubrovnik so from ancient churches to luxury beachside hotels and a wide range of dramatic locations, there’s lots of choices – all at budget-friendly prices.

Some of Dubrovnik’s best venues include:

》 the medieval Park Orsula with its breathtaking views across Dubrovnik and out to sea

》the beautiful 16th-century Sponza Palace

Villa Sheherzade

the beachside setting of Vala Beach Club

Whatever your style, Dubrovnik will make for an unforgettable, wallet-friendly wedding destination in Europe.

If you choose Dubrovnik you can combine a wedding with a honeymoon in Slovenia.

WOW, what a great destination wedding affair.


Lake Bled is a stunning yet inexpensive wedding venue in Europe. If you are looking for wallet friendly destination wedding location - Lake Bled is the right choice.

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For a breathtaking, romantic wedding location you won’t find anywhere more magical than Lake Bled in Slovenia. This wallet-friendly European destination is an unbelievable, sublime place with jaw-dropping wedding venues that deliver a degree of drama you’ll only find here.

Surrounded by lush hills, mountains, and valleys dotted with waterfalls, gorges, forests, pools, and thermal springs, Lake Bled’s majestic lakeside setting has long been a must-see European location.

With the jewel blue lake at the heart of this town, you’ll find incredible lakeside wedding venues, gorgeously fresh food, and tons of things to do.

From hiking to horse riding, skiing, steam railway rides through the mountains, river cruises, national parks, kayaking, river rafting, caving, and lots more, there are so many natural attractions and historic sites to enjoy.


For stunning yet inexpensive wedding venues you are completely spoilt for choice.

Some of Lake Bled’s top wedding venues include:

》the ancient Church of the Assumption in the middle of the lake

》medieval Bled Castle situated on the hill overlooking the lake

Vila Bled, the stately home formerly occupied by President Tito

》the lakeside hotels – the Grand Hotel Toplice or the Bled Rose Hotel


Lake Bled top wedding venues: the ancient Church of the Assumption, medieval Bled Castle, Vila Bled, the Grand Hotel Toplice, or the Bled Rose

Ana Gregorič Photography


Whichever location you choose, you’ll want to round off your beautiful ceremony with a romantic “pletna” (traditional Lake Bled boat) ride, in a gondola-shaped boat, across the lake.

And I haven’t even mentioned Istanbul or Budapest!

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