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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding

Groom kisses bride while standing on the stone steps near the wedding venue in Bled, Slovenia.

Bespoke, Tailor–Made Weddings: What does that mean?

Bespoke Weddings & Destination Weddings:

Lake Bled, Slovenia & Worldwide


Bride in a stunning snow white princess dress and groom in a black suit are holding hands during wedding ceremony at Vila Bled which was filled with white and a little green flowers.

Ana Gregorič Photography

What is a bespoke wedding?

Your bespoke wedding will be created just for you. Shaped to fit every one of your dreams, you can look forward to a day that’s exactly as you imagined but better. With a wedding tailor-made to suit you, there will be no compromises, no disappointments and no cookie-cutter wedding package. Your bespoke wedding will be a totally unique and completely personalised event which could only ever have been planned by you both.

Incorporating all you had in mind and more, you’ll have a sublime wedding day loved ones will be talking about for years to come. With time, space and support to truly shape the day to your needs, you’ll revel in a sensational event not only both of you but all your friends and family enjoy too. So impressive in fact, people will wonder how you did it!


A stylish groom in a blue suit and a beautiful blonde bride in a sand lace wedding dress are standing and hugging in nature in the vila Bled park.

Ana Gregorič Photography

100% YOU

That is the joy of a bespoke wedding planning service – two heads are better than one! Rather than an off-the-shelf wedding package, together we’ll plan your wedding from scratch. If you were planning your wedding on your own, beginning with a blank page would be too much. Yet when you pair your wildest, deepest wedding dreams with my rich wedding planning experience, industry contacts and skills, you’ll find your wedding dreams in motion. In no time at all, together we’ll have your dream wedding mapped out according to all your wishes and the first layer of tasks completed.




Compromise and disappointment happen in the gap between ideas and time, experience and knowledge. Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life so it needs to be right.  Working together, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to take the beginnings of an idea from your mind and transform it into an aspect of your wedding design.

With a plan rooted in your personal taste, ideas and goals, you’ll relish a wedding day which truly resonates your identity and style from beginning to end. Throughout the day, I’ll reveal aspects of your personality as individuals and a couple, as well as your story, all the while ensuring guests have a spectacular time.


Couple kissing in front of the Lake Bled castle in Slovenia during their bespoke wedding.

Ana Gregorič Photography



Free from compromise, with organisation planned and taken care of by me, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing there will be no let-downs or disappointments at your wedding. Read our couple testimonials and see if I am telling the truth.



Unlike so many things in life, you can’t go back and do your wedding day again. Every moment should be a sublime snapshot for the future – a day of lifelong dreams realised. As a bespoke wedding planner, the time and support I give you ensures this happens.

Attentive service from the beginning to the end of your wedding planning means there’s always plenty of room to share ideas and dreams, change your mind and add or takeaway. Unlimited communication guarantees I’m always just a phonecall, email, text message, video call or in-person meeting away.



I’ll begin by listening to what you and your partner want from your wedding – thinking about every sense. Your safe space to talk will continue for the duration of your wedding planning so it’s no surprise so many of my couples become life-long friends. Having someone you can turn to during what can be one of the most overwhelming experiences of your life, is always a great relief.


Happy bride and groom hug their Lake Bled wedding planner Petra Starbek under flower arch.

Everything & Beyond Wedding Photography



I’ll guide you every step of the way, giving you the best advice and helping you make the wisest choices. I want your wedding to be an enjoyable day which includes all the things which matter most to you as well as so much you didn’t know was possible.

Once you’ve shared your ideas and dreams, we’ll begin curating the perfect concept for your wedding day, mapping everything on your moodboard so it’s easy for both of us to see. With the magic unfolding, it will quickly look like a wedding so thrilling you didn’t know this level of dream-planning was possible.

Knowing I’ve listened carefully throughout, meticulously recording every stage of planning with plenty of room to share all your ideas and live updates recorded on shared records, you’ll be able to relax knowing you can trust me to execute your wedding plans exactly as you wanted.




If there are any tasks you want to complete yourself, you’ll know we’re in sync. Similarly, if you find yourself short of time, I’m always on hand to complete your tasks for you. This level of dedicated support and time is one of the things which make tailor-made wedding planning so special.

Weddings are such a huge event so most brides experience overwhelm at some point of the journey. At the beginning, wedding planning is a whirr of excitement but the quantity of demands and tasks quickly spiral out of control. With me by your side, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing everything is under control and you won’t be left to make decisions you’re not sure will work.



Traditional Slovenian dance group throwing rose petals at the newly wed bride with round red carnations bridal bouquet and groom in Slovenian traditional gowns at the Lake Bled castle in Slovenia.

Ana Gregorič Photography 


You won’t spend the run-up to your wedding worrying about running out of time or if it will all come together on the day. Instead, you can relax and look forward to an amazing day, knowing the results you wanted are already in place with lots of other additions you can’t wait to see in action.

Where there are gaps and things you’re unsure of, I’m always here with the perfect answer for you. Close communication means we’ll get to know each other well. I’ll be able to anticipate your every need, making suggestions which are exactly what you were thinking but couldn’t vocalise.



Tailor-made wedding planning means there’s no request too big. In over 15 years as a bespoke luxury wedding planner in Lake Bled, I’ve planned hundreds of tailor-made weddings for high-end clients, including a large number of celebrities, politicians, professional sports players and dignitaries.

No request is too big – it’s your wedding day! I’ll do whatever is necessary to deliver your dream exactly as you had in mind.

I only work on a limited number of weddings each month so you can be sure I’m fully committed to giving you my best, delivering a superior level of service with full support for your every need.



Wedding couple kissing in a red cabrio which drives to the villa Bled.

Ana Gregorič Photography



Wedding Vendors in Lake Bled

As one of Lake Bled’s best bespoke wedding planners, I’ll give you access to all the top wedding vendors in Lake Bled. For destination weddings you’ll have the option of using Lake Bled’s best wedding suppliers as well as those from your own country. From top Lake Bled wedding photographers to florists, wedding venues and wedding caterers, industry connections mean wedding suppliers you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to secure will suddenly be yours if you wish.



Best of all, there is no commission to pay. I work on a commission-free basis so costs quoted really are the exact amount you pay.

Trust is at the heart of our relationship. Having planned over 500 weddings in Lake Bled and beyond, you can trust me to deliver. Knowing I’ve planned some of the most distinguished weddings in Lake Bled helps put your mind at ease.




Trust is a feeling which can only come from genuine connection. The type of connection instantly recognisable by the warm, easy feeling you get when it seems as if you’ve known someone for years. When we interact, that’s the feeling you want from me. A calming sensation which comes from knowing your wishes are my priority and I’ll move heaven and earth to ensure they’re all realised.

Our interactions will begin with a phone call. If you’ve got this far, we know you like the sound of what’s on offer so the next thing we’ll do is talk and see if we’re a good fit.


Wedding couple going to the wedding legal ceremony in Slovenia.

Ana Gregorič Photography



I’VE DEDICATED MY LIFE TO CELEBRATING LOVE AND creating memorable experiences for people from all over the globe.

WHY? Because celebrating the unique love between two people is a passion I never tire of seeing. Love is a beautiful thing and I’m always so honoured to have the opportunity to plan every wedding. My job is to create extraordinary experiences for people in love and I execute that role with a huge smile on my face every day, knowing for that one day the world will be a perfect place for you and your loved ones.



With over 15 years experience planning high-end weddings and elopements in Lake Bled, Slovenia and around the world, you can be sure you’re getting a superior bespoke wedding planning service you can trust.  My couples come from around the globe, including, Slovenia, the UK, the US, China, Europe and other destinations worldwide.

I plan all types of weddings and celebrations of love, including elopements, proposals and vow renewals.



Weddings in Lake Bled have an added layer of magic and romance. As one of Lonely Planet’s top 5 destinations for 2022, you’ll relish mesmerising landscapes, phenomenal wedding venues to suit every taste and an endless list of thrilling, unique experiences everyone will enjoy …





I’m here for you.

Wherever you are in the world, if you are planning a wedding and you’d like expert support by your side – I’m here for you. I can give you comprehensive guidance, or just peace of mind on the certain elements you need help with. To get in touch, you can fill out my contact form or just email me at