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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding

The bride and groom are holding a napkin with a picture of their dog on the terrace of Villa Bled.

Top Wedding Trends for 2024 at Lake Bled

As we enter the enchanting world of weddings in 2024, the forecast is magical. Couples are embracing new trends, infusing their special day with uniqueness reflecting their personalities and desires. As your Lake Bled wedding planner, I am thrilled to share the top 2024 wedding trends gracing this picturesque destination. From the timeless allure of a champagne tower to the heartwarming inclusion of furry friends, let’s explore the trends redefining the wedding experience in 2024.


Champagne Tower

Happy newlyweds pour champagne into glasses placed in the champagne tower at lake Bled.

Ana Gregorič Photography

Cheers to a bubbly celebration! I foresee the revival of the timeless champagne tower as a leading trend for 2024 weddings around Lake Bled. This sophisticated and visually impressive presentation isn’t just a visual delight; it serves as a symbol of celebration and luxury. Picture the sparkling liquid gracefully flowing down a meticulously arranged pyramid of crystal-clear glasses, forming a captivating spectacle that encapsulates the spirit of joy and festivity. A champagne tower not only brings a touch of glamour to your wedding but also offers a perfect photo moment for you and your guests to treasure forever.

I suggest adding personal touches like a customized champagne tower or choosing a signature cocktail to complement this dazzling presentation.


Twinkle Lights for an Ethereal Ambiance

A beautiful summer-decorated wedding table at the Lake Bled shore for an intimate wedding dinner and upper the table are twinkle lights.

Katja + Simon Photography

Lake Bled, with its magical beauty, becomes even more enchanting with twinkle lights. In 2024, expect to see lots of fairy lights decorating wedding venues, creating a romantic vibe that complements the natural beauty. Whether hanging from trees, woven into flowers, or hanging from the ceiling, twinkle lights bring romance to your Lake Bled wedding. As the sun sets over the lake, twinkle lights will turn your celebration into a wonderland, leaving your guests spellbound.

I recommend draping these delicate lights across the venue, adorning tree branches and elegant archways, casting a mesmerizing glow that will undoubtedly linger in the memories of your guests.


Cultural Inclusion – The Chinese Tea Ceremony

A beautiful snapshot of a Chinese tea wedding ceremony, encapsulating the joy, love, and formal elegance of the occasion. Parents give the bride gifts in Vila Bled, Lake Bled.

Ana Gregorič Photography

Including diverse cultures is not just a trend but a beautiful way to add personal meaning to your wedding. In 2024, we expect more couples to include cultural rituals, like the Chinese Tea Ceremony. This ancient tradition symbolizes respect, gratitude, and family unity. Couples are making this beautiful ritual part of their Lake Bled weddings, creating a meaningful and intimate moment that honors global traditions.

Imagine the serene shores of Lake Bled as the backdrop for this special ritual, blending tradition with the destination wedding allure.


Bring the Puppy to the Wedding

An illustration of a dog on a table number on table number at Lake Bled Castle wedding between vibrant flower decorations.

Taja Kp

For pet lovers, having furry friends at their wedding is a dream. In 2024, Lake Bled weddings will see the adorable trend of bringing puppies to the celebration. Picture saying vows with your loyal pet by your side, adding joy to your special day. From flower-adorned collars to dog-friendly treats, including your four-legged friend in the festivities warms guests’ hearts. If your beloved pup can’t come in person, there are creative ways to include them.

alternative celebration

If your furry friend can’t be there, consider incorporating pets into the festivities in another way.

From personalized napkins with paw prints to table numbers with pet portraits, these furry companions become part of the celebration.

Every detail adds joy and love to every moment, making sure your cherished pets are part of your special day, even if they can’t be there. As your Lake Bled wedding planner, I know how to include your furry friend seamlessly, making your celebration as unique and heartwarming as your love for your pets.


Extended Celebrations

Wedding weekend program and menu for welcome dinner.

Taja Kp

In 2024, we expect a change in the traditional wedding timeline. More couples are choosing a Ceremony on Friday, Party on Saturday is approaching. This lets them enjoy each moment of their celebration. The peaceful setting of Lake Bled is perfect for a relaxed ceremony on Friday, followed by a day of leisure on Saturday before the grand reception. Extended celebrations let couples immerse themselves in the beauty of Lake Bled and have intimate moments with loved ones.

As your Lake Bled wedding planner, I can help you plan a seamless two-day celebration, ensuring both days are filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments against the stunning backdrop of Lake Bled.


The Bow

Photo of a bride with a pastel pink bridal bouquet in a satin wedding dress with silver glitter bows on the corset at Vila Bled, Slovenia.

Ana Gregorič Photography

In the ever-changing landscape of bridal fashion, trends may come and go, but in 2024, there’s a timeless and feminine detail that leaves a lasting impression — the statement bow. Having gained momentum towards the end of 2023, these charming bows are now a fixture, bringing an element of elegance and romance to weddings at Lake Bled. This delicate and versatile detail appears in classic hair bows, shoe embellishments, and even on wedding cakes. However, its pinnacle of chic sophistication is seen in bridal attire, where bows adorn dresses with sweet belted accents, delicate sleeves, or oversized back embellishments.

versatility in detail

The beauty of the statement bow lies in its versatility, offering brides numerous ways to express their style. Picture a classic hair bow subtly enhancing your bridal look with timeless charm. Alternatively, consider bows as embellishments on your shoes, creating a delightful surprise with each step down the aisle. For a whimsical touch, explore the unexpected — a wedding cake adorned with bows, adding a sweet and playful element to your reception.

chic bridal attire

Among the various ways to embrace this trend, nothing exudes more chic sophistication than a wedding dress with bows. Whether it’s a sweetly belted bow, dainty bow sleeves, or an oversized bow gracing the back of the gown, this delicate detail offers surprising versatility. A bow-adorned wedding dress can effortlessly achieve a sleek and modern aesthetic or evoke a more romantic vibe, perfectly complementing the enduringly popular ballet-core trend that continues to capture hearts.

The bride in a mini short wedding dress with an open back and a bow from Nadine Merabi Bridal and the groom in a blue suit is standing on the shore of Lake Bled.

Tamara Vidmar Photography / dress

seamless integration

As your Lake Bled wedding planner, I’m here to help you effortlessly incorporate the statement bow trend into your celebration. Whether it’s guiding you to bridal boutiques with beautiful bow-adorned dresses or connecting you with local bakers skilled in crafting bow-centric wedding cakes, my goal is to make sure this timeless detail becomes a memorable part of your Lake Bled wedding experience.

The Next Wave in Wedding Trends

Social Media Creator at Wedding

A social Media Creator take a photo of a groom and his father during a wedding at lake Bled, Slovenia.

Katja + Simon Photography

Looking beyond 2024, one trend gaining momentum is the involvement of social media creators in capturing and curating the couple’s special day. From Instagram-worthy shots to expertly edited videos, these creators capture every moment in a way that reflects the couple’s unique style. Imagine a personalized wedding hashtag, drone footage of the ceremony by the lake, and shareable moments that make your wedding go viral.

Including social media creators adds a modern touch, letting you share your love story with the world in real time.

A Personal and Meaningful Touches

The bride in a stunning elegant dress and the groom in a black suit stand facing each other under a flower arch with Christmas lights at Lake Bled Castle.

Aljoša Videtič Photography

As we enter 2024, Lake Bled weddings celebrate love that goes beyond boundaries, embracing diverse cultures. As your Lake Bled wedding planner, I am dedicated to ensuring your special day is not just on-trend but also an authentic reflection of your unique love story. Cheers to a year filled with enchanting moments, breathtaking backdrops, and the start of a beautiful forever.

Wedding trends change, but your wedding is about what feels right for you.

Remember, it’s your day, so embrace what you love, regardless of trends. Your wedding is a personal and meaningful celebration. While trends can inspire, the essence of the day is creating a moment that resonates with your love story. Don’t be afraid to infuse your style, passions, and traditions, ensuring it’s a true reflection of your journey together. After all, the most enduring trend is the one that tells your unique story and stands the test of time.

With love and excitement.



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