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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding Venues

Villa Zlatorog

Villa Goldhorn

The villa Goldhorn is located by the Lake Bled shore in a beautiful environment, surrounded by a beautiful park with her own pier and boathouse.

Villa Zlatorog

A luxurious country villa on the banks of Lake Bled.

• Alpine villa
• Private jetty to the lake
• Relaxing and tranquil setting

Get married in Villa Zlatorog

A luxurious country villa on the banks of Lake Bled.

Located in picturesque Triglav National Park, Villa Goldhorn sits on the banks of Lake Bled in a place where past and present meet.

This beautiful villa takes its name from a famous national symbol and guardian of nature here in Slovenia, the Goldhorn – a white wild goat with golden horns.

Today, Villa Goldhorn welcomes distinguished guests and state leaders who want to relax and enjoy all that Lake Bled has to offer from this magnificent luxury villa, renowned for its exceptional level of service.

Other Romantic & Impressive Lake Bled Wedding Venues

There’s something blissfully romantic about a lakeside wedding

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