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Lake Bled Wedding by Petra Starbek

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Lake Bled Wedding

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An Interwiev: Weddings in Slovenia: Everything You Need To Know!

I had an interview about weddings in Slovenia with the lovely Olivia from Nulyweds, which is an expert destination wedding planning service creating colorful, fun-fuelled, authentically Portuguese weddings for free-spirited millennials. Even though I loved her from her first email, the moment I truly fell in love with her was during her interview for me, where she made me feel special and honored to know me!


How to get married in different countries around the world?

If you’re planning an international destination wedding, her channel will be of great use to you – especially after you’ve had a few months to settle down. You already have some great videos from wedding professionals around the world.

You can find information about weddings at these locations on her channel:

  • Weddings in Ireland
  • Weddings in Puglia
  • Weddings in Spain
  • Weddings in Scotland
  • Weddings in Saint Martin
  • Weddings in Croatia
  • Weddings in Cyprus:
  • Weddings in Tuscany
  • Weddings in London, UK
  • Weddings in Umbria (Italy)
  • Weddings in Egypt
  • Weddings in The English Countryside
  • Weddings in The Greek Islands
  • Weddings in San Francisco
  • Weddings in The Aeolian Islands (Italy)
  • Weddings in Ireland


Newlywed young affectionate and amorous in wedding dresses standing in front of one another and holding hands on their wedding day in Slovenia.

LR Weddings

Great introduction and tips about weddings in Slovenia

So, if you’re a bride and a groom or even a wedding professional, who wants to have a wedding in Slovenia this video is full of great information about weddings in Slovenia.

  • Why get married in Slovenia?
  • Challenges of getting married in Slovenia.
  • Best time to get married in Slovenia.
  • How much does it cost to get married in Slovenia?
  • Legally getting married in Slovenia.
  • Favorite wedding venues in Slovenia



I want to tell you how happy I am to be featured on Nulyweds – Destination Wedding Planner Channel. I hope you like it and massive thanks to the beautiful Olivia for asking me to be part of her feature.

Thank you for popping by and I hope you have a wonderful wedding planning journey.





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